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Asher Postman’s New Monitors Deliver

Viral remix artist Asher Postman’s ADAM Audio monitors survived the Nashville tornado and are in use throughout quarantine.
Viral remix artist Asher Postman’s ADAM Audio monitors survived the Nashville tornado and are in use throughout quarantine.

Nashville, TN (May 4, 2020)—The studio of Nashville-based electronic music producer Asher Postman was damaged in the Tennessee tornado in March, but his recently acquired ADAM Audio A7X active nearfield studio monitors survived.

On top of crafting his own songs, Postman has remixed artists from Riley Clemmons to The Chainsmokers. His tutorials garner six-figure YouTube views. His head-bobbing version of the Motown classic “Mr. Postman” assembles sounds recorded on his iPhone. Perhaps he’s best known for his hilarious meme remixes, which turn viral TikToks and Vines such as “Dubai Was Lit” into fully produced trap jams.

Postman first heard the ADAM monitors when he and a friend from Detroit, David Chapdelaine, whose artist project is called Augest, went on a writing retreat. “We were traveling light and brought minimal setups. There was no subwoofer — and we’re electronic guys who like subs!”

Focusrite Group Acquires ADAM Audio

The 7-inch carbon-glass fiber composite woofer of the A7X, powered by its own 100-watt amplifier, was up to the challenge, he says: “The low end sounded really good, and we put things together that sounded right when later we played the tracks on systems that did have subs. I want to mention that the lower mids are really nice as well, whereas on my previous speakers they were nowhere near as defined.”

Postman continues, “I hadn’t experienced a high end this clear before. Working with hi-hat parts, top loops, synth riffs, anything with a lot of high-frequency content, I felt like I was finally hearing everything I should have been hearing on my old monitors but didn’t realize it. With a track like ‘Dubai Was Lit,’ I can have about 20 to 30 layers of sound going, so it’s great to know I’m getting an accurate representation of all those frequencies.”

Postman also found that the A7X monitors helped him tune his Nashville studio, which was oddly shaped and had a bad resonance at around 130 Hz, he reports. “The ADAMs can already sound good in a problem room, but their accuracy made it very easy for me to find that bad frequency using measurement software and tune it out.”

Following the tornado, he says, “I’m currently at my parents’ house in Michigan, and once again, I’ve never been this happy about having to work without a subwoofer. If I get a mix to sound good on the ADAMs, it sounds good on anything.”

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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Studio Monitors—A Real-World Review

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Studio Monitors, on location in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Studio Monitors, on location in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Having used IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors on last year’s trip, we wanted to kick the power up this time by turning to the iLoud MTM monitors. With 100 W RMS and 40 Hz–24 kHz frequency response, as well as a built-in 0–20-degree tilting stand for easy positioning, we definitely made the right move. At 5.5 pounds each, the pair is small enough to fit easily in one of our gear suitcases. They are two-way/three-speaker bi-amped with 2 x 3.5-inch polypropylene custom-made mid-woofers and a 1-inch low-distortion, back-chambered silk dome tweeter. Connected via XLR-1/4-inch TRS balanced input, there are buttons for LF Extension (40/50/60 Hz), LF (-3 dB, Flat, +2 dB), HF (-2 dB, Flat, +2 dB), CAL/Preset (Cal, Flat, Desk) and SENS (-10 dBv, +4 dBu). On the rear is the AC power input, power switch, USB port, 1/8-inch ARC mic input, volume control and the bass reflex port.

Universal Audio Apollo x4 Interface: A Real-World Review

Each iLoud MTM monitor speaker includes a small omnidirectional mic that allows you to do a custom calibration; although it’s easy to perform, we honestly did not get to do it. (Stay tuned for an update on that.) While they can be placed horizontally, these speakers have been optimized to work vertically, and by using the included stands, they can be titled from 0 to 20 degrees. Unpacking them from the suitcase, we mounted them to the stands, set the tilt to work without setup, connected the XLR input on the back, and away we went. Since the guys had never heard them before, they were blown away when I started playing a pulsing, bass-heavy synth part.

These speakers not only put out a lot of volume, but they put it out across the spectrum with amazing clarity. The strong spot to me is the way they handle bass, and the port on the back makes it truly sound like there is a subwoofer attached. We used them mercilessly, cranking everything through them, from heavy guitars and huge synth parts to drum impacts and even the drum kit itself. They took everything we threw at them and never blinked once. The reason we didn’t calibrate them is simply because they sounded so good as they were, we just thought “leave it as-is.” I look forward to doing a calibration session soon on them, however. Without hesitation, I can highly recommend these for not just a mobile rig, but virtually anybody’s home studio.

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Tweed Recording Goes All-In with Danley

Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording has Danley Studio 2 monitors in its control rooms.
Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording has Danley Studio 2 monitors in its control rooms.

Athens, GA (April 15, 2020)—Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording moved in recent times to Athens, Georgia to build out a new three-room facility, along with a classroom and a one-hundred seat live performance venue. Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers are used in the classroom and the live performance venue, and now Ratcliffe has installed three sets of Danley Studio 2 self-powered studio monitors, one for each control room.

Ratcliffe started an equipment company alongside his studio and is a part-owner in the newly revitalized console company, Sound Techniques.  The equipment company always gravitated toward vintage gear with personality. He worked with integration firm TSAV to help bring all the technologies in the facility together, including Dante, Internet, Wi-Fi, and more. “They suggested I check out the Danley line for the theater, so we went to Gainesville for the day to hear what Danley had to offer,” he said. “We were impressed by the people at Danley and their unconventional approach to high-fidelity live sound.”

Studio Showcase: Tweed Recording Audio Production Academy

Ratcliffe went with a pair of Danley SM-100F full-range loudspeakers with low-end support for the live venue and a pair of Danley CS-100 Cinema series loudspeakers for the classroom paired with a Danley THmini subwoofer.

“While we were there, Cooper [Hedden] let us hear prototypes of Tom Danley’s latest obsession: studio nearfield monitors,” Ratcliffe continued. “These were the Danley Studio 1s, which are passive boxes. They sounded absolutely incredible! Since we have so much gear in our racks already, I commented that I’d love to see the Danley monitors in a one-box powered format. The next day, Cooper called to say the challenge had been accepted. Tom Danley was going to build me an active version!” Now officially the Danley Studio 2, Tweed Recording has three sets. Two are in the mirror-imaged recording studios (almost exact replicas of the Oxford facility). The third set sits in the mix room.

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KRK Rokit G4 Grille Covers Unveiled

New grilles cover the latest version of KRK’s Rokit G4 line of powered near-field studio monitors.
New grilles cover the latest version of KRK’s Rokit G4 line of powered near-field studio monitors.

Nashville, TN (March 30, 2020)—KRK Systems has introduced Rokit G4 studio monitor grille covers, providing a protective shield for its near-field studio monitors.

Made specifically for its 5-, 7- and 8-inch Rokit G4s, the grille covers are built to spec, allowing their integration into the monitor’s cabinetry system.

KRK Systems Unveils Classic 5 Studio Monitors

Constructed with 22-guage powder-coated perforated steel, the grilles are intended to be durable and protect the studio monitors’ drivers. High-strength magnets manufactured with alloy metal are used to ensure that the grille covers stay in place. According to KRK, the form factor of the grilles has not only been tested in terms of providing protection from environmental factors, but also to ensure that frequencies are not hindered by their use.

“We deeply respect the time and effort that our customers put into their music, and KRK Rokit G4 Studio monitors are an investment into that dedication,” says Jimmy R. Landry, Global Director of Marketing, Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands, Inc. “With the addition of grille covers to the Rokit G4 line, users can now protect their investment in style. Whether you’re a producer on the move creating tracks in different places or a touring DJ out on the road, ROKIT G4 Grilles Covers will have your speakers protected.”

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Genelec Influences Influencer-Oriented Studio

Haddonfield, NJ (March 20, 2020)—For the latest iteration of his PNDA Studios workspace, engineer and producer Tyler Costantino — TyCo, to his friends and colleagues — upgraded his Genelec speakers to 8361A 3-way coaxial Smart Active studio monitors.

TyCo first heard Genelec 1031s as a student at Full Sail. “I fell in love with them immediately. When it came time for my first studio, which was more traditional, I went with the 8050s. I stayed with those for eight years,” he says.

Inside the Secret Recording Studio of ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

“The 8361s give me the sound, the low end, that I need to mix pop and R&B records without the need for a sub. I can turn them up and not lose the sound quality. They’re the perfect speakers for what I do. And they look great,” he says.

TyCo’s PNDA Studios, in Haddonfield, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, are emblematic of how music production has evolved with the rise of social media. He and his partner, Kate Nece, who does video editing, have some of what would be considered traditional music clients, including several successful singer-songwriters.

But much of PNDA’s clientele stems from TyCo’s take on how music and social media intertwine. He produces and also manages several high-profile influencers, creatives whose talents are often less traditional but no less impactful on a digital landscape.

They include Mark Thomas, aka Duhitzmark, who boasts millions of followers and was one of the first and biggest stars on the social media app (later merged with TikTok), Nashville country/pop artist Dalton Mauldin, and JJ Hannon, whose Instagram account has 1.3 million followers. TyCo, knowing the influencer space on all social media platforms, has also used TikTok to market artists for major record labels. Collectively, PNDA’s network of influencers has over 500 million followers and has millions of fans on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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ADAM Academy Takes Users to School on YouTube

Nashville, TN (March 18, 2020)—ADAM Audio has launched the ADAM Academy, a YouTube video series offering information, tips and tools for optimizing their loudspeaker monitor systems.

The video content, available on the company’s YouTube channel, includes information and instruction from ADAM Audio company personnel as well as tutorials on specific subjects from ADAM Audio customers in various fields.

Focusrite Group Acquires ADAM Audio

ADAM Academy recent video topics include: How to Calibrate a Subwoofer; Studio Monitor Placement; Proper Monitor Maintenance & Cleaning; Mixing Rap and Hip Hop Master Class by Brooklyn-based hip hop producer and engineer Paul Womack; Audio Post; How to Mix Acoustic Sessions; How to Mix Live Sessions for Video  featuring engineer Eric Bastinelli;  How to Tune Drums; How to Mic Drums; Drum Editing in Pro Tools; Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelance Musician presented by Grammy-nominated bassist Jonathan Maron and Is Audio School Worth it?

“We started the ADAM Academy video series in order to assist our customers with having the tools and information which will allow them to get the best performance from their monitor systems,” says Christian Hellinger, ADAM Audio CEO. “Many of the ADAM Academy videos feature tips and techniques from many of our well-respected and talented ADAM Audio users, which really helps to foster the peer-to-peer sharing of best practices in the community.”

Future ADAM Academy topics will cover a variety of subjects such as: Understanding the Importance of Frequency Charts, The Sonic Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Monitors, Recording Studio Internships, The Importance of a Subwoofer, Burning In Monitors: Why it is Important Before Using them For Critical Listening.

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Inside Genelec’s Sustainable Energy-Powered Factory

Iisalmi, Finland (February 12, 2020)—While studio monitor mainstay Genelec has long used a combination of wind and hydroelectric energy to power its factory by Porovesi Lake in Iisalmi, Finland, the company recently expanded its facility to add almost 2,000 square meters (21,528 square feet) of floor space. While the new expansion provides room for business opportunities, it also created room to add solar power to the company’s sustainable energy mix in the form of more than 450 roof-mounted solar panels, which will supply 30% of Genelec’s annual power.

More than 450 roof-mounted solar panels adorn Genelec’s new extension. Genelec’s new extension to its lakeside factory in Iisalmi, Finland. Ouside Genelec’s new extension to its lakeside factory in Iisalmi, Finland.

Built on to the original 1985 factory, the expansion project was managed by Genelec development engineer Annika Hujanen and will house warehousing and logistics, with additional space for customer support offices, a centralized automation control center and efficient waste processing. In keeping with Genelec’s environmental policies, all architects, designers and contractors were chosen for the project based on both their sustainability credentials and their close proximity to Iisalmi, resulting in less travel, better material logistics, and reduced waste and CO2 emissions. The expansion also enabled consolidation of Genelec’s external warehouses, offering further improvements in the efficiency of material flow, lean manufacturing and reductions in waste and power consumption.

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Commenting on the project, Hujanen noted, “We take our responsibilities to the local community very seriously, so we were really excited to see all the people involved joining forces with us to contribute to the eco-system here in Iisalmi in a sustainable and innovative way. The work was completed on time, on budget and to a fantastically high standard. We’re really proud of what the entire team has achieved.”

Genelec managing director Siamak Naghian adds, “For over four decades, total quality and sustainability have been core principles of Genelec’s philosophy. The company has strategically regarded environmental issues as being equally important as profitability, and while our consistent growth in business has been the catalyst for this factory expansion, that growth has to be maintained sustainably. Continuing to keep our entire manufacturing base here in Iisalmi means that we can always guarantee not only the premium total quality of our products, but also that our entire design and manufacturing process helps to conserve our precious natural resources.”

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