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An audio-visual project by Skapade Studios and Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich, a family run distillery which has been making globally revered single malt Scotch whisky since 1887, has partnered with Dumbarton’s own state of the art production team – Skapade Studios.

The new documentary reveals how Glasgow DJ and Skapade director Stephen Kirkwood worked alongside Glenfiddich ambassador David Allardice, to produce an ambient-electronic masterpiece using only sounds recorded from the Highland distillery. As it turns out, Skapade and one of the country’s oldest distilleries share a very similar approach to production – using a blend of carefully selected elements to create one, perfectly balanced product. Whisky barrels, copper pot stills and huge industrial machines were all used as original sounds in the project. However, perhaps the most significant and unique addition to the track was the voice of whisky making legend Dennis McBain, who has worked in the industry for almost 60 years.

The coppersmith’s lifelong passion for Glenfiddich runs throughout the track, providing an authentic listening experience that perfectly encapsulates the love that has gone into 130 years of making Scotland’s favourite whisky. Based in the village of Dufftown, The Distillation of Sound celebrates Scottish heritage with a glimpse into one of the country’s most beautiful distilleries; and the creative process behind the production of a piece of music like no other.

Dave Paradice, Glenfiddich ambassador and project creator said: “The idea came to me a couple of years ago to fuse my passion for electronic music and whisky by creating a unique track using sounds recorded at the whisky distillery. I needed to find the right partner. Someone that could bring their own creativity to the project and that had an appreciation for all the elements involved – whisky, music and Scottish heritage.”

An old friend of mine, Andy Begg suggested that I connect with Stephen on Instagram. I was already aware of Stephen’s reputation as a DJ/ producer and we started to message via social media. Within a few months we had built a rough plan. We lined up an amazing video production partnership with Enterprise Screens and off we went to the Scottish Highlands to record the sounds of distillation!”

DJ/producer and Director of Skapade Studios Stephen Kirkwood said: “I was approached by Dave about a project that involved two of my favourite things – music and Scottish Whisky! As soon as we got chatting about the idea, I knew I was the person for the job. Ideas started flowing between us and before we knew it, we had Glenfiddich’s distillery booked out for a couple of days to record sounds of the whisky making process. What an honour it was to get the chance to go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most popular and sought-after whiskies!

“The documentary we produced gives a window into the traditional process of whisky making, a beautiful distillery and its people, as well as a unique look at how everyday sounds can be creatively transformed into a piece of music. What a truly amazing experience.”

Skapade Studios is a state-of-the-art studio space that’s tailored to give students’ a boost in all areas of electronic music production – from mixing and mastering, to developing business skills.

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Black to Techno, artist and filmmaker Jenn Nkiru talks about techno

Directed by Jenn Nkiru, the fourth and final film in the ‘Second Summer of Love’ series in collaboration with Frieze, traces the lineage of techno via its birthplace in Detroit and later innovation in Berlin.

Opening with a series of vignettes of long-forgotten archive film paired with original shot footage by Jenn Nkiru, ‘Black to Techno’ explores the roles played by history, technology, geography and race that lead to the creation and emergence of techno as a sound. The film is ushered in by a series of voice-over interviews with leading academics and musicians. ‘Black to Techno’ presents an original and fresh narrative on the most influential sound in modern electronic music.

Artist and filmmaker Jenn Nkiru talks about techno and the making of her documentary in a new episode of the Gucci Podcast. Listen on:

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Nike repurposes the Air’s TPU soles to make face shields for medical workers

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to trudge on, a growing number of companies are shifting their attention and resources away from regular production and pivoting to begin producing items to help combat the pandemic. And joining this growing legion of outfits is Nike, which has announced its aim to assist in the ongoing global event by providing powered, air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses and face shield to medical workers treating and fighting the spread of the virus.

This new endeavour is a joint effort between Nike ‘s innovation, manufacturing and product teams, and Oregon Health & Science University. Nike was also able to hugely streamline the production of these pieces of personal protective equipment by repurposing a number of materials it uses in its shoes and clothing, including collar padding, cords, and the thermoplastic polyurethane used in Nike’s Air soles, which is now used to make the face mask. A well-thought-out nine-step manufacturing process also helps to eliminate inefficiencies and overhead costs, while also enabling the production team to churn out products at lightning speeds so they can get into the hands (and onto the faces) of medical workers fighting the virus on the front lines.


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Win a copy of United Nation: 3 Decades of Drum and Bass documentary

This cleverly put together film/documentary delves in to how one of the most significant music genres, ‘Drum & Bass’, became a music revolution and changed the history of music culture. With exclusive captured video content, United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass showcases the scandalous scenes of how raving took over the UK!

This entertaining, gritty and shocking film/documentary interviews the music legends of the Electro Dance Music (EDM) era and studies how ‘Drum & Bass’ became one of the most popular music genres across three decades. United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass tells the behind-the-scene story of what was truly going on, away from the eyes of the ‘sorted’ masses on the dance floors: the guns, the drugs, the sex, the knives, the gangs and, of course, the artists and performers who, despite all this, advanced the music culture of our society. This musical movement still heavily influences the clubs and the music of today.

Directed and produced by Terry Stone and Richard Turner, the raw original archive content speaks for itself, with tell-it-all interviews from world-renowned DJs and MCs including legendary promoter Terry ‘Turbo’ Stone, DJ Fresh, Andy C, Sigma, Hype, Ragga Twins, Adam F, Sasasas, DJ Rap, Grooverider, Fabio, Jumping Jack Frost, Nicky Blackmarket, Ray Keith, DJ Brockie, Rat Pack and many more.

Drum & Bass originally came from the London-centric rave scene as an underground movement that rapidly spread across the UK, and then throughout the world. The scene had serious issues with violence and, a sometimes uneasy, drugs culture that plagued its early growth. Governments reacted by bringing in draconian laws in an attempt to kill off the movement. Today sees Electronic Dance Music being one of the most popular music genres which was born out of the Drum & Bass movement, which began in the early 1990’s. The ‘scene’ and its many style permutations have survived and thrived, and heavily influenced Grime music and the modern EDM arena. Terry “Turbo” Stone, the main man behind this huge music culture change was a working-class kid brought up on a council estate who, in his teens, saw opportunities in this budding music scene. Against all odds, he rose from being on welfare, through handing out flyers to become one of the world’s most significant club promoters of the era. He founded “One Nation”, a massive club movement, and is an award-winning promoter.

Terry Stone said: ‘It’s great to go back in time and do a film/documentary of this music revolution, this has never seen before content will have your eyes-peeled and jaw-dropped. It’s amazing to be part of such a huge music revolution.”

One lucky reader will win a downloadable copy to own of United Nation: 3 Decades of Drum and Bass, along with limited edition of the signed posters from the music artists in the film, and a limited edition United Nation Eco baseball Cap worth £38 each

To enter is simple, place your details below and follow our Instagram page Winner drawn 15th March.

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Andhim Release ‘Miles To Go’, A Road Movie – Two Men, One RV & 2000 Miles Of Dust & Drinks

It was April 2017 and as the sun rose on the North American West Coast, it seemed something particularly outrageous would ensue on the beautiful coastline. Landing in San Diego, a pair synonymous with a thirst for life, German electronic duo and ‘Superhouse’ pioneers Andhim arrived to embark on their North American Tour, yet something different was afoot; they would travel for an entire 10 days, 2,000 miles in a 30ft RV, hunting the American dream for beers, boobs and burgers. Now bringing together a detailed and aptly humorous account of their travels, Andhim present their west side story tour diary and movie, ‘Miles To Go’.

“We rented this 30feet speed monster for a 10-day road trip along the west coast of America. In the end we went 4000 kilometres in this RV.” – Andhim

A crew of five, Simon, Tobi, Camera man Manoah and tour managers, Griffin and Josh, they took for the open road, immersing in an array of musical, cultural and culinary experiences as they travelled across San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, before ending in Vancouver. Following the highs and lows of their journey, ‘Miles To Go’ sees Andhim proceed in true Andhim style; the lows were always approached with a distinct sense of comedy; overflowing toilets, fridges flying open in transit and 39 cent microwave burritos that tipped the scales on their inadequately arranged eating habits across the tour.

“The whole tour was terrible for our bodies. Shitty food, no motion, no sleep and a lot of parties. It was like an anti-health campaign. A defiant protest against all the cold pressed juices and Acai bowls in the world.” – Andhim

Embracing the wild and whacky areas of their trip, Andhim can be found eating interesting, off-kilter taco selections and hosting an after-hours at their RV in San Diego, moonwalking across Hollywood’s walk of fame, camping in the Red Woods of California, before spontaneously heading towards Big Sur. Embracing the freedom that travelling in an RV offered, ‘Miles To Go’ is an amplification of Andhim’s outward charm and infectious hilarity.

Having been shown at film festivals across the globe including Filmarte Festival, Berlin, Filmfest Bremen and Universal Film Festival in Kansas City, ‘Miles To Go’ was awarded ‘Best Score’ at Swindon Independent Film Festival, UK and ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at San Diego’s IKFF.

Andhim’s ‘Miles To Go’ is an all-encompassing look at two DJ’s taking touring back to its roots and ditching the private jet and champagne lifestyle.

Shown At:
Filmarte Festival – Berlin 2019 (Germany)
On Art Film Festival (Poland)
Filmfest Bremen 2019 (Germany)
Universal Film Festival, Kansas City (USA)
Cuzco Underground Cinema Festival (Peru)
Short Long World Festival, Corrientes (Argentina)
BangkokThai International Film Festival, Bangkok (Thailand)
Great Message Int’l Film Festival, Pune, Maharashtra (India)

Best Score – Swindon Independent Film Fest (UK)
Best Documentary Feature – San Diego IKFF (USA)

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Fyre Festival’s Andy King announces first UK tour

Andy King has become a household name across the globe and has resonated for his honesty and an unapologetic “Do Whatever it Takes” attitude following his brush with getting any job done. Arguably one of the biggest team players on the planet Andy is set to tour the UK through Newcastle, Glasgow, London, Stoke On Trent, Sheffield, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Brighton, Southampton, and Norwich. Now one year on from the infamous documentary Andy King heads to the UK for the first time presenting his ‘A Fyre-side Chat’ tour. The talk will include a 60 minute moderated discussion followed by a 30 minute open Q&A. Tickets start at £6 for students, £15 for non-students. Tickets and further info are available HERE.

Over the course of the 1.5 hour evening, the talk will cover a range of subjects from the disaster of Fyre Festival and how a highly publicised, influencer-backed experience crafted entirely using social media – ended up being an undelivered dream. Andy will share inside information and go far beyond the documentary offering his honest insight into the world’s biggest festival flop. Other topics on the menu include youth and sustainability and using social media for positive change in the modern world.

Mensa Akwasi from Native talks says “It’s so great to be able to bring Andy King over to the UK for the first time as part of a national tour. The man became a meme after the incredible Fyre Festival documentary and we hope to bring the entertaining speaker to the masses later this month. It’s also very fitting that the documentary is now one year old and we hope to further expand on Andy’s inside knowledge from the best event that never happened”

In the wake of the cult-status Netflix documentary, “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened”, event producer Andy King found himself in an unfamiliar position – one that presented him with the difficult challenge of embracing the internet virality, meme status, and social media influence.

Before Fyre Festival Andy had built a 30-year career as the “Concierge of New York City”, throwing some of the city’s greatest parties with leading talent. Now he has turned his attention to educating and informing with behind the scenes access to the Fyre Festival fiasco.

Tour Dates:

Norwich – 20th April
Stoke On Trent – 21st April
Brighton – 23rd April
Glasgow – 24th April
Southhampton – 25th April
Birmingham – 27th April
Sheffield – 29th April
Newcastle – 30th April
Edinburgh – 1st May
London – 2nd May

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Banksy and 3D among artists announced as part of major street art exhibition opening in Bristol

Vanguard | Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’ celebrates the instrumental role of Bristol’s creatives in the development of British Street Art, with rare works by leading Bristolian, British and Irish artists of the genre, including seminal works from the late 90’s. An additional focus on international artists beyond the UK will spotlight the growing relationship between art and sustainability.

Seminal works from Henry Chalfant, Banksy and Beezer will feature, through to deep fake viral sensation Bill Posters, and Conor Harrington. A selection of the works on display have not previously been seen and some not shown in public for over twenty years. Spotlight features will also include the work of artist, musician and activist Robert Del Naja (3D), Bristol’s earliest street artist.

Vanguard will address the development of the movement from the subcultural perspective of one of the UK’s most diverse and dynamic cities, Bristol. Through an extraordinary visual narrative, we explore the triumphs and hardships of Street Art’s anarchist origins in the 80’s and 90’s, the explosion of works in the early 00’s to ‘Then and Now’ where we explore a selection of Bristol artists stylistic development over the last three decades, namely Nick Walker, Dicy, Paris, Mr Jago, Dale ‘Vermin’ Marshall, China Mike, Xenz, Will Barras, Rowdy, Jody, Cheo, Banksy, Inkie, and Ekoe.

The exhibition looks beyond Bristol to the United Kingdom and Ireland to reflect on the diversity of practice brought about by the momentum of the movement. Artists include Sick Boy, Lucy McLachlan, Lucas Price Adam Neate and Antony Micallef. The exhibition concludes with a spotlight on artists evolving globally from Street Art practices to affect meaningful change in the world. Artists and groups featured include Swoon, The Pansy Project and Mark Jenkins.

Vanguard is curated by a collective of artists, specialists and collectors involved with the global street art movement. The team is headed up by Street Art specialist Mary McCarthy, who has worked within this field for the past twenty years.

Mary McCarthy says: “Vanguard celebrates the unique environment that Bristol provided and its role in generating some of the world’s most notable names in music and art. Considering the ongoing evolution of the global movement, we recognise the importance of the city as the birthplace of British Street Art.”

Councillor Craig Cheney, Deputy Mayor of Bristol, says: “Bristol is the indisputable home of British street art so what better place to host this landmark show than M Shed. With plenty of exciting details still to come, it promises to be one of the biggest cultural events in the city in 2020.”

Vanguard is presented in association with the Bristol City Council culture team at M Shed. The M Shed exhibition sponsor is National Friendly.

Tickets are on sale now at

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