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Sescom Unveils Slew of New Products

Sescom has introduced a slew of new cabling and audio interface products for use in live sound, installation and house of worship settings.
Sescom has introduced a slew of new cabling and audio interface products for use in live sound, installation and house of worship settings.

Mt. Marion, NY (May 7, 2020)—Marking its 45th anniversary this year, cabling and audio interface manufacturer Sescom has introduced a plethora of new products for use in live sound, installation and house of worship settings.

The new SES-RCA-LVL-ST Stereo Single RCA Volume Control provides volume control for any device, with a passive design that provides a single level control for left & right RCA I/Os, all housed in an anodized aluminum casing. Similarly, the SES-RCA-LVL-LR Stereo Dual RCA Left / Right Volume Control does the same thing, except for dual RCA inputs to dual RCA outputs.

Sescom Bows Attenuating Line-to-Mic-Level Cables

The SES-TRRS-AB 3.5mm A/B Switch with Center Off Switch offers bidirectional, two-source audio switching or one-source audio splitting, based around three 3.5 mm female TRRS connections. The unit provides ground loop noise elimination and can be used to connect dual computers, smartphones or MP3 Players to a house system; switch line level inputs and/or outputs between amplifiers, mixers or PCs; and other uses.

Sescom’s SES-EZ-MIX-01 Two-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer with Separate Volume Control provides two 3.5 mm inputs and a single 3.5 mm output, allowing users to run multiple audio sources into one input.

Elsewhere, the SES-BUB-1206 Active 1-Channel Balanced XLR to Unbalanced RCA Audio Converter is self-explanatory, featuring an active design intended to reduce loss via its low noise, low distortion circuitry. The unit includes a power supply. For those going the other direction, there’s also the new SES-UBB-1646 Active 1-Channel Unbalanced RCA to Balanced XLR Audio Converter.

Lastly, there’s the company’s new SES-AUD-TRS-BAL Stereo Unbalanced Audio to Balanced Converter for 3.5mm TRS To Left & Right Male XLRs. The unit is not compatible with phantom powered devices.

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Sight and Sound Sets Colorado Church’s New System

Colorado Springs, CO (May 4, 2020) — Sight and Sound Technologies recently designed and installed a new audio system in The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO, marking the first installation of a Martin Audio WPS system in the United States.

A modern-styled church, the sanctuary is a 2,000-seat room which gets wider from the stage towards the back corners of the room. Services are centered around an electric band and several vocalists, all of whom were previously heard through an aging left-center-right line array system that was starting to wear out. Sigh and Sound took down the previous system and was able to reuse some boxes in another room.

Martin Audio Launches SXCF118, SXC115 Subwoofers

In the PA’s place is the new WPS system, which Sight and Sound COO Kris Johnson had heard at a trade show: “It was like the WPM with more beef because of the 8” drivers so we decided to look at those for the sanctuary. When we ran the projections, the system looked amazing so we moved forward with it.”

The system consists of six WPS enclosures a side flown off an I-beam with six CDD8 for front fill mounted across the front lip of the stage, all powered by an iK81 amp with one-box resolution. Johnson explained, “There are two I-beams that run left and right from front to back in the room and they drop pretty low, so we had to be under those beams otherwise we’d hit them with the top speakers. I like where the speakers ended up in the room and in a perfect world, I’d have loved to put the system about two feet higher, but we accomplished our goal: great coverage front to back with very little dB difference.

“In terms of music reproduction, WPS sounds amazing. For weeks, I was getting text messages from their audio technician raving how good and clear the system sounded. That, plus the parishioners love how the services sound with the new system. They’re all smiles.”

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Church of Living Water Undergoes Audio Update

Olympia, WA (April 2, 2020)—Olympia, Washington’s Church of Living Water recently undertook an effort to upgrade its audio for its congregation, working with CCI Solutions, a Tumwater, Washington-based AV integration firm. As part of the overall redesign and installation, CCI installed a pair of Allen & Heath dLive C3500 digital mixing systems into the facility.

“The church wanted something today that would serve them well into tomorrow,” said Mark Pearson of CCI Solutions. “They embraced the idea that technology would always be changing, and wanted consoles that wouldn’t leave them with any limitations as their needs evolved.”

UK’s First Avantis Console Goes to Church

Led by pastors Jon and Fawn Cobler, services at Living Water reach out to more than 2,000 members each week. A full band including drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards is used regularly, and along with all of the other audio elements of the Foursquare church’s contemporary style of worship, an average of 30 input channels arrive at front of house from the stage. With the first of the two dLive C3500 control surfaces serving the congregation out front, the second was installed in the church’s broadcast control room to manage weekly live streaming of events. Signals are split digitally to serve the unique mix needs of each application.

“The audio team at Living Water had an easy time transitioning to the dLive control surfaces,” said Pearson. “Each of the C3500s’ twin 12-inch capacitive touchscreens provide a level of intuitive control for anyone used to swiping away at a smart phone screen—which, let’s face it, is virtually everyone. For our operators who still prefer the feel and immediacy of rotary controls, there’s a set of those as well, and they all work in harmony with what’s seen on the displays.”

“That gives every member of our team endless opportunities to create a tapestry of sweet sounds,” Pearson adds. “These desks will be around much longer than the ones they replaced. We’ve definitely taken a big step out of the past.”

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UK’s First Avantis Console Goes to Church

Woking, UK (March 16, 2020)—Welcome Church in Woking, UK, recently upgraded its audio system, and with that, became the first site in the UK to install an Allen & Heath Avantis console.

Supplied by AV company SFL, an Avantis console fitted with a Dante card for multi-track recording is located at FOH, while 14 ME-1 personal mixers are used for the worship band’s IEMs, providing each musician with control over their own mixes. The Church also deploys GX4816 and DX168 expanders for further remote I/O expansion.

Innovations: Allen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixing Console

Hosting two Sunday services each week for its growing congregation and providing meeting spaces and activity groups for local children, the church decided to renovate its existing building, while constructing and expanding into a new auditorium located at the back of the property.

With limited time before their next service, the team wanted to get the new system up and running as quickly as possible and within hours of receiving and getting hands-on with the console, the production team had connected and configured their entire ecosystem.

“We had three services to run to around 500 people per session that day, so we were under quite a bit of pressure to get the Avantis up and running in time,” said Charles C, Production Lead at Welcome Church Woking. “The desk was used pretty much straight out of the box and within three hours, we had unboxed, connected and configured the ME-1s, Dante outputs for recording and various other nuances and, most importantly, had a working mix.”

That was aided by the fact that the audio team had more than a passing experience with previous Allen & Heath desks. “As an organization that has a lot of volunteers, we needed a system that had an easy-to-use, yet professional workflow, but also had access to other, in-depth features and processing tools,” said C. “Avantis has a similar workflow to the previous A&H desks we’ve owned, such as the GLD and SQ, but incomparable benefits such as the channel count, processing, displays and design, to name a few.”

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