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Summer Is Finally Here!

It’s been a very challenging semester. The shutdown of face-to-face classroom instruction caused no end of headaches, compromises in the quality of teaching, and some serious doubts about tests and grading. I just finished grading 55 final exams in one […]
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HD-Audio Challenge II: Preliminary Results

The HD-Audio Challenge is coming to an end. Tomorrow is May 1 and it’s time to wrap phase one of this research project and begin the process of analyzing the raw data. It will be a long and arduous task […]
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Find an Expert, Lose the Sales Pitch!

Having been involved in high-end audio for many years as an audio engineer, record producer, writer, and having garnered a reputation as somewhat of a contrarian when it comes to some well-established norms in our hobby, I receive a fair […]
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dCS Bartók DAC, Part 2 | Review

Part-Time Audiophile

Last I checked, there were over 450 documents labeled “review” on my computer. Of those docs, many qualify as either digital components or straight up DACs by today’s standards. Of those DACs, many qualify as what most audiophiles refer to as “Delta Sigma” with a few less considered to be of the “Multi-bit” variety. Longtime high-end digital company dCS calls the brain of their growing list of digital products (and even their latest creation) a “Ring DAC”. The digital translation of the new dCS Bartók is just a sliver of the hot rod tech packed under the hood, which is a substantial presence in and of itself (in a physical and metaphoric sense).  This review is part two of the greater interaction on Part-Time Audiophile. You can check out Lee Scoggins take on the dCS Bartók in a more traditional two-channel setup here; this article is more about the interaction with the personal audio space. It is an important angle to evaluate, as the all-in-one desktop option here is a concrete step into the headphone arena — by design. Clearly a move with purpose and direction, the recent outreach by dCS into the personal audio space from a marketing perspective is [...]

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HD-Audio Challenge II – Extended

The “stay-at-home” orders that exist in most of the states in this country and other in countries and the notice that the HD-Audio Challenge II is nearing the end have resulted in a flood of request and submissions. I received […]
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Final Days! The HD-Audio Challenge Ends Soon.

I’m guessing that all of us have some extra time on our hands due to the pandemic that is wreaking havoc around the world. While our hopes and thoughts go out to those impacted by this horrible affliction, it may […]
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A Very Inconvenient Truth…Indeed!

I apologize for failing to issue a post in over a month. Since the first of the year, life has been a little busier than usual — my sabbatical is over and I’m working on a couple of websites (including […]
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Cable Denial or Deaf Faith?

My sabbatical is officially over. I returned to the classroom last Tuesday to teach Advanced Audio Recording and Strategies for Media Production. I’ve enjoyed being away from the campus, traveling to a couple of trade shows, working on my websites, […]
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HD Music Day at NAMM?

Every January the National Association of Music Merchants — the organization supporting music stores, musical instrument makers, synths, software, and related accessories — get together in Anaheim at the convention center, to show off their new products, and dazzle attendees […]
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Welcome to 2020: A New Decade for Audio Masters

“Master Quality” was the topic in a recent article written by my friend Steven Stone at Audiophile Review. His piece titled, “What Does Master Quality Mean to Me (or You)?” prompted a lively discussion and a lengthy post by the […]
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