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Pro Sound News Centerstage Chart: Top Tours of 2019

Centerstage: The Top 10 Tours of 2019

1 The Rolling Stones | CLAIR GLOBAL Dave Natale (be); Steve Carter (me); Taylor Holden (mse); Tyson Clark (cc); Jo Ravitch, Jim Ragus (se); Thomas Huntington (rec tech); Matt Woolley, Brent Edgerton, Dave Enderle, Falko Knueppel, Jon Brook, Trystan Forbes (tech) HC: Yamaha PM4000; Avid Venue Profile; MC: Midas XL-4000; Avid Venue Profile; HS: Clair i-5, i-5b, P-2; MS: Clair 12AM, R-4, i-5b; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: Crown Macro-Tech; MA: Lab.gruppen; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR Series; FOH EQUIPMENT: Aphex 612, dbx 903, AlignArray software, iO loudspeaker processors; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: TC Electronic 1128; dbx 160A; SPL Transient Designer 4; OTHER: Radial JX44, JR5, KL-8, Voco Loco
2 Elton John | CLAIR GLOBAL Matt Herr (he); Alan Richardson (me); Nick Giamos (cc/se); Rolf Gerling (ame); Simon Matthews (tech) HC: Yamaha Rivage PM10; MC: Elton-owned custom-built/designed desk; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CO-10; MS: Clair 12AM, 212AM; IEM: Sennheiser 2000; Shure P6HW; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; WIRELESS MICS: Shure
3 Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band | CLAIR GLOBAL Bruce Knight (be); Mark Harvey (me); Paul Jump (cc/se); Calvin Welshans (ae); Jacob Caples (tech) HC: DiGiCo SD-5 with SD Racks; MC: Yamaha Rivage PM10 with Rio Racks; HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CP-218, FF-II, P-2; MS: Clair SRM; IEM: Sennheiser 2000; Shure PSM-6HW; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44; HARDWIRED MICS: Audio-Technica AT 4047; Shure Beta 91a, SM 57, KSM8, KSM 313, KSM9HS; AKG C314; Radial J48, JDI; Sennheiser MKH-416, e935, e904; Royer SF-24L, PSM-SS24; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR4D with KSM 8, KSM9HS; FOH EQUIPMENT: Waves Mercury bundle and SSL 4000 collection; Neve Portico II Master Buss; API 2500 stereo compressor; Alan Smart C2 stereo compressor; Urei 1176ln; TC Electronic Finalizer; TASCAM SS-CDR200, CD-01U
4 Pink | BRITANNIA ROW Dave Bracey (he); Jon Lewis (me-Pink); Horst Hartmann (me-band); Guillaume Burguez (cc); Johnny Keirle (se); Juan Beilin, Charles Well (ae); Jack Murphy (tech) HC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum; MC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum; Yamaha PM10; HS: L-Acoustics K1, K2, K1SB, KARA, KS28; MS: L-Acoustics X15, Clair CM-22; IEM: Sennheiser 2050; HA: L-Acoustics LA12X; MA: Lab.gruppen; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser 6000 series; OTHER: Radial SW8
5 Ariana Grande | CLAIR GLOBAL Toby Francis (be); Erik Rodstol (me); Dean Mizzi (cc/se); Cory Harris (ae); James Ellison, Katy Hughes, Benjamin Scanlon, Andrew Black (tech); Jason Zito (pm) HC: Yamaha Rivage PM7; RND Neve 5060 buss mixer; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CP-218 Subs; MS: Clair CM14; IEM: Sennheiser EM 2050; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; Sennheiser; Radial JDI, SW8; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser 5000/5235 series; Shure Axient Digital, ULX-D; FOH EQUIPMENT: Tube Tech SMB 2B; Crane Song STC8; Smart Research C-2; RND Shelford Channel; API 2500; RND Portico II MBC
6 Jonas Brothers | CLAIR GLOBAL Chris Sullivan (he); Jon Kooren (me); Andrew Kastinelis (cc/pa tech); Chuck Smith (se); Matt Patterson (mse); Ryan Tribou (rf com/pa tech); Justin Robinson (rf coordinator) HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, i-3, i-DL, CP-218, CP-6; MS: Clair Cohesion CP-118; IEM: Shure PSM 1000, P9HW; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM20k44; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure Beta 91A, Beta 52A, Beta 181, Beta 58, Beta 52A, KSM32, SM57; AKG C414; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient; Sennheiser Digital 6000; FOH EQUIPMENT: Rupert Neve Designs 5045; Waves SoundGrid Extreme; API 2500; GML 8200; BSS DPR-901II; Midas XL42; API 2500; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Waves SoundGrid Extreme; UAD Live Rack
7 Kiss | CLAIR GLOBAL Adam Stuart (be); Scott Diamond (me); Don Baker (cc/se); Scott Megrath (ae); Robert Taylor III, Casey Harriman (tech) HC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum with SD Racks; MC: DiGiCo SD7 Quantum with SD Racks, Yamaha QL-1 (drummer); HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CP-6, CP-218; MS: Clair CM-22, 12AM, CP-118; IEM: Shure PSM 1000, Shure P9HW; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure 52a, Beta 91a, SM 57, SM 58, VP-88, KSM 137; Neumann TLM 102; Sennheiser MD-421, MKH-416, e935, e904; Audio-Technica AT 4050, AT 3031; Radial J48, JDI; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient AD4Q; FOH EQUIPMENT: Waves Mercury Bundle, SSL Collection 4000, TASCAM SS-CDR250N; Bricasti Design M7; Empirical Labs EL-8; API 2500
8 Fleetwood Mac | CLAIR GLOBAL David Morgan (be); Myles Hale, Blake Suib (me); Thomas Morris (cc/se); Ken Hottenstein, Chris King (stage e); Chris Fulton, Amy Bammarito (techs) HC: DiGiCo SD5; MC: Avid S6L; DiGiCo SD5; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CO-10, CO-8, CP-218 subs; MS: Clair 12AM, ML-18, R-4III; IEM: Shure PSM 1000, PSM600; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; HARDWIRED MICS: Earthworks SR40, DP30, SR25; Shure KSM8, Beta 181C, PGA81, Beta 91a, Beta 56, KSM8, KSM 32, KSM 313, KSM 27, KSM141, SM 57, SM 58, Beta 98; Sennheiser e935, e602, e902, MD421, MKH-50; Audio-Technica AE 4100, AT 4047; AKG C414B; Audix D4; Beyer M201TG; Neumann KM 184; Royer R121L; DPA 4099; Radial DI; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient; FOH EQUIPMENT: Bricasti M7; TC Electronic M6000; Eventide Eclipse; Lake LM44; Waves Mercury Bundle, SoundGrid; AAX McDSP Live Pack; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Yamaha SPX990
9 Garth Brooks | CLAIR GLOBAL Dan Heins (be); Martin “Tike” Santos (me); Tee Cee Bailey (me); Pat O’Neil (cc); Rob Rankin (se); Kevin Kapler (m tech) HC: Yamaha Rivage PM10; MC: (2) Yamaha Rivage PM10; HS: Clair Solutions i218, i212, is218m; MS: (50) Showco SRM, (16) Clair Cohesion CO-8; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure Beta 91a, KSM137, Beta 98a, Beta 56a, SM57, SM58, Beta 58, Beta 57a; Telefunken M82, M81SH, M80SH, M60; Heil PR28; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient RF; Crown CM311 Headset; Telefunken M80 Capsules; FOH EQUIPMENT: Bricasti M7; TC Electronic M6000
10 Justin Timberlake | CLAIR GLOBAL Andy Meyer (he); Paul Klimson (me); Phil Kriz, Justin Lenards (se); Hugo Gudino Jr., Elliott Wiley (mse); Paul Manuel (ae); Dustin Chrysler, Carlos Lopez-Olavarria, Rachel Rozzi, Nathan Sonnenberg (techs); Kevin Leas (RF tech) HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CO-10, CP-6, CP-118, CP-218; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; MA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; OTHER: Radial JX44, SGI44

Legend: (he) house engineer. (ahe) ass’t house engineer. (be) band’s house engineer. (me) monitor engineer. (ame) ass’t monitoring engineer. (bme) band’s monitor engineer. (se) systems engineer. (ae) ass’t engineer. (tech) technician. (cc) crew chief.

HC: house console. MC: monitor console. HS: house speakers. PMS: personal monitor systems. MS: monitor speakers. HA: house amplifiers. MA: monitor amplifiers.

Top 10 highest-grossing U.S. tours of 2019, as ranked by Pollstar. Some tours did not report grosses for all shows; rankings may be affected as a result. Equipment and crew information are provided by the respective sound reinforcement companies.

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People: Hires and Promotions in the Audio Industry for February 2020

ASI Audio

From left, Evan MacKenzie and Charlene Clements of ASI Audio

ASI Audio has hired industry veteran Evan MacKenzie as vice president, marketing and sales. With a background in branding, marketing and sales management, MacKenzie is expected to drive integrated marketing while building the company’s sales network and brand. Previously, MacKenzie directed marketing and communications efforts for industry stalwarts including DPA Microphones, Gibson Professional Audio, QSC and Americ

an Music & Sound.

ASI has also brought on Charlene Clements as manager, client development. In her new post, Clements will help build the company’s sales operations across both the music industry and audiological channels. Clements comes to the company with 15 years of experience in sales operations and management at Etymotic Research.


Mike Franklin

Clear-Com has hired regional sales manager Michael “Mike” Franklin to address growing demand in the South-Central region of the U.S. Franklin will oversee sales activity in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, with a particular focus on supporting Clear-Com’s partner network in the region. The appointment is part of an overall strategy to increase the company’s sales presence in the United States. Franklin joins Clear-Com from Lawo, where he was a senior sales manager for North America. Prior to Lawo, he worked as director of sales for Harman International before transitioning to Studer, where he was a senior sales manager for the United States.


Thorsten Goecke

Atlona has promoted Thorsten Goecke to director of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Based in Munich, Germany, Thorsten reports to Ralph J. Lolies, Atlona parent company Panduit’s senior vice president/managing director for EMEA. Thorsten will work closely with his EMEA regional sales managers to boost demand, sales and brand awareness for Atlona’s AV over IP distribution, connectivity and control solutions for commercial and residential applications.


Luis Wasserman

Mackie has named Luis Wasserman sales director, Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Wasserman’s professional background blends six years of product management experience in Honeywell and Broan-NuTone with over 11 years of international sales leadership at Scantron Corp. and AMETEK. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Universidad de Los Andes and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of Minnesota.


Sam Spennacchio

Italian pro audio manufacturer K-array has appointed Sam Spennacchio as a U.S. sales director. He will be responsible for assisting in the growth of K-array business in the United States, concentrating particularly on the event production and live sound verticals. As a pro audio industry veteran, Spennacchio previously held management positions at Mark IV Audio as vice president and SPL-NY as president; he also held sales roles at Fiberplex, Crest Audio, Klark Teknik/Midas and Martin Audio. Spennacchio’s expertise extends beyond sales. He has a degree in music engineering technology from the University of Miami and has worked as a studio and live sound engineer.

Platinum Tools

Jason Chesla

Platinum Tools has promoted Jason Chesla to national account manager. Chesla had been the company’s marketing manager since 2016. In this new role, Chesla will be working with Platinum Tools’ key North American accounts, service providers and international accounts. He will continue to assist in the marketing department during this transition. Prior to joining Platinum Tools, Chesla was the sales and marketing manager for T3 Innovation.

LEA Professional

Joey Palkowitch

LEA Professional has appointed industry veteran Joey Palkowitch to the role of North America sales manager. Based at the company’s South Bend, IN, headquarters, Palkowitch will manage North American sales, working closely with the company’s U.S. representative team and Canadian distribution partner. Palkowitch will also lead product training sessions and serve as a liaison for technical service and support. Previously, he served in various sales and support roles of increasing responsibility for Harman Professional, most recently as a regional sales manager.

Reflex Marketing

Alena Althouse

Reflex Marketing, which reps brands in the pro audio, musical instrument and contracting verticals throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has named Alena Althouse its marketing and communications manager. In the newly created role, Althouse will support vendors, resellers and the Reflex field sales team, leveraging an expanded tech stack and her marketing skill set. Althouse has a master’s degree in communication and experience in ecommerce, having most recently supported the NHL Shop for Fanatics.

Pioneer DJ

Drew Bach

Pioneer DJ has announced the addition of industry veteran Drew Bach to its product planning team. Bach, a working DJ, has product management and business development experience gained at Gibson’s Stanton DJ and KRK brands, Apple, Guillemot and other brands. He reports to Lars Schlichting, director of product planning, artist relations at Pioneer DJ Americas.

Waves Audio

Waves Audio has appointed Greg Kopchinski as live and install product manager for Waves’ live and commercial AV products. Kopchinski holds a bachelor of science degree in electronic engineering (computer architecture concentration). He began his career in professional audio as an FOH and monitor engineer for several regional sound companies and churches in California. Prior to joining Waves, Greg served in product management and marketing roles at Bivio Networks and as a principal product manager at Avid Technology, where he was instrumental in defining the market and product requirements for the Venue S6L system. His previous experience includes product marketing manager positions at Motorola/Force Computers, Captus Networks, SBS Technologies and Ziatech Corp.

From left, Greg Kopchinski and Aquiles Vera of Waves Audio

Waves has also brought on Aquiles Vera as Spanish Latin America sales manager. Vera began his career 25 years ago in television as a film sound designer and in audio post-production. For the last 15 years, he held the position of Latin America sales audio manager for Avid Technology, overseeing the distribution channel and the customer post-sales relationship.

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