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Amek EQ 200 Plug-In Announced

The Amek EQ 200 Plug-In.
The Amek EQ 200 Plug-In.

Santa Cruz, CA (May 8, 2020) — Aiming to recreate the sound of legendary parametric equalizers of the 1970s and 80s, Plugin Alliance and Brainworx Audio have introduced the Amek EQ 200 plug-in.

Expected to be the first in a series of new plug-ins under the Amek brand name, the EQ 200, which is intended to provide the resolution, transparency, headroom and surgical precision of classic 70s and 80s mastering-grade EQs. Specifically, the Amek EQ 200 plug-in was inspired by the sound of Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich’s own GML 8200 EQ, one of his all-time favorite pieces of analog outboard.

Brainworx Launches bx_console SSL 9000 J Plug-In

The Amek EQ 200 is a seven-band EQ, featuring five wide, overlapping fully-parametric bands with 15 dB boost or cut for each band, additional high- and low-pass filters, and low and high shelving EQs.

While intended to evoke the original hardware, the plug-in also offers new features, including AUTO LISTEN, available on all five bands to audition each change in isolation; continuously-variable high-pass and low-pass filters with a 12 dB per octave slop; MID / SIDE processing to tweak the width and depth of the mix as a workflow enhancement; MONO MAKER, which sums low frequency content to mono; STEREO WIDTH, to expand the stereo width of tracks; and variable THD, for adding extra analog mojo and tone.

Other additions include TMT Inside, Brainworx’s patented Tolerance Modeling Technology that simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components, as well as correlation, balance, input and output meters, and more

The plug-in sports a scalable UI to adapt to the user’s screen size and workflow, and offers numerous presets to provide users with a starting point for finding their sound.

Set for release on May 19, 2020, it will be included in Plugin Alliance’s monthly Mega Bundle subscription and annual Mega Bundle subscription at no extra cost.

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Eventide Launches MicroPitch Plug-in

Eventide's MicroPitch dual-voice pitch shifter
Eventide’s MicroPitch dual-voice pitch shifter

Little Ferry, NJ (May 5, 2020)—An effect staple since Eventide introduced it in the 1970s, Eventide’s MicroPitch dual-voice pitch shifter has been introduced as a plug-in for use on a Mac or PC.

MicroPitch is a fine-resolution pitch shifter providing effects that range from subtle tone fattening to dramatic slap-back effects via longer delays. In addition to stereo spread effects, the plug-in also allows users to mix in detuned and delayed versions of a source, and expanded controls make possible deep pitch dives, echoes and chorus effects.

Eventide Audio Launches MangledVerb for iOS

MicroPitch features two voices of pitch shifting, one from unison to -50 cents, the other from unison to +50 cents, each with up to 2 seconds of delay. The plug-in can produce a classic stereo-spreading effect, a chorusing effect on each voice by means of Modulation Depth and Rate controls, and slapback effects by means of longer delay times, and it can create pitch dive or rise effects by Feedback adjustment. The Mix Lock toggle lets users maintain a wet-dry mix constant while scrolling through the rich complement of presets, while the Pitch Mix allows for layering the two voices by setting the balance between each shifted delay. The Tempo function allows for synchronized and unique delay effects.

The plug-in also provides a Ribbon control, letting users set sweeping movements between two completely different settings of any combination of controls, such as turning sweetening shifts into a delay-throw and back, or changing delays from dark to bright for transitional effects. Desktop users can plug in a MIDI keyboard and gain control of the Ribbon via the mod wheel for tactile control as well.

Enhanced for experimentation and live performance and with a UI designed for desktop, laptop or iPad, MicroPitch includes a host of presets based on iconic uses of the effect over the years. Tone, Modulation and Feedback controls cover the ground for many uses, while deeper parameters let users discover repeating delays, modulations and Tempo-sync’ed special effects.

Joining the iOS version of the app (which works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 plug-in, or Inter-App Audio effect), MicroPitch for Mac and PC supports VST, AAX, and AU plug-in protocols for compatibility with every DAW.

The MicroPitch plug-in runs $99, but currently has an introductory price of $39 through May 31, 2020.

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Reason Rack Comes to Pro Tools

With the release of Reason 11.3, Reason Rack is now available as both an AAX plug-in and standalone DAW.
With the release of Reason 11.3, Reason Rack is now available as both an AAX plug-in and standalone DAW.

Stockholm, Sweden (May 5, 2020)—Reason Studios has launched Reason 11.3, bringing its Reason Rack to Avid Pro Tools as a native AAX plug-in. The long-running recording software also continues as a standalone digital audio workstation.

With the advent of the new plug-in, Pro Tools users can make use of Reason’s lineup of effects and MIDI processors (called Players). Reason’s free routing of devices through its cabling system enables unusual and sometimes physically impossible signal flows, and provides a sound bank of tens of thousands of patches, sounds, samples and loops.

Reason Studios Launches Reason 11

“It’s amazing to be back in Pro Tools,” said Reason product manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt. “With a vast rack of inspiring instruments and effects, Reason is a perfect fit for the industry standard recording software that is Pro Tools. I can’t wait to hear all the great music that will come out of this.”

“Avid is thrilled to see the seamless support for Reason Studios in Pro Tools offered through AAX,” said Ed Gray, Director, Partnering Programs at Avid. “Reason has always opened up new worlds for music creation for Pro Tools users, and with this tight integration, it deserves to be an automatic purchase.”

Reason 11.3 is available via Reason Studios website and authorized resellers worldwide. The software, which includes additional improvements and bug fixes, is also available for free download by registered Reason 11 users and at upgrade prices to owners of previous Reason versions.

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Cubasis 3 Debuts for iPad and iPhone

Hamburg, Germany (April 15, 2020)—Steinberg has released Cubasis 3 providing the same look and feel as its Cubase music software in a portable software app that runs on the iPad and iPhone. Both Cubasis and Cubase provide similar tools to perform, mix and share music productions, including many effects, hundreds of instrument sounds and third-party plug-in compatibility with Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3.

Steinberg Launches UR24C Audio Interface

While previous versions of Cubasis only ran on the iPad, Cubasis now runs on an iPhone as well. New features include Group Tracks, which combines multiple tracks so that they can be processed and mixed as though they were a single track, and the mixer in Cubasis 3 has been revamped, now taking advantage of the entire display. It includes zoom modes and an accurate level metering for as many tracks as are needed.p

Also new are eight rearrangeable insert and send effects. Users can add up to eight insert and eight send effects from those included in Cubasis or can choose to use third-party effects via Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3. The insert effects can now be placed before or after the fader.

Other features include free Cubasis 2 in-app purchase transfer to Cubasis 3; improved MIDI resolution with 960 pulses per quarter note; 75 new effects presets; revamped Undo feature; redesigned instruments and effects; an improved MediaBay; and more.

Cubasis 3 is purchased as download through the App Store and is not available for free to existing customers of previous versions of Cubasis. The price is US $49.99.

Cubasis 2 and its corresponding in-app purchases remain available in the App Store. Cubasis 2 will now be priced at US $23.99.

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Waveform Free DAW Debuts from Tracktion

Seattle, WA (March 27, 2020)—Tracktion has launched Waveform Free, a new version of its professional DAW that is free to all music creators.

Tracktion Unveils Waveform 9 DAW

The new DAW is released with no restrictions, offering unlimited track count, the ability to add as many plug-ins as the user wants, and a sizable feature set. The new DAW is suitable for all three major desktop operation systems; Windows, OSX and Linux as well as the Raspberry Pi.

It is compatible with current-day expressive instruments and also supports MPE. Waveform Free includes many of Tracktion’s recent offerings and features, such as the MIDI Pattern Generator to create synchronized melodies, chord progressions, bass lines and more, the 40SC Virtual Synthesizer and Micro Drum Sampler.

The DAW is supported with a dozens of tutorial videos as well numerous templates such as EDM production; band recording and mixing; location recording for churches, schools and others; and more.

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