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60 Seconds with Jonathan ‘JP’ Parker of Danley Sound Labs

Jonathan “JP” Parker
Jonathan “JP” Parker

What is your new position, and what does it entail?

Jonathan “JP” Parker: In my new role as director of global sales and marketing, I will focus on global expansion of the Danley brand and business development into new market segments for our company, including product offerings in touring sound, studio recording, home theater, luxury cinema and safety warning systems divisions.

How has your background prepared you for your new role?

I have been very fortunate to have held a variety of positions over the last 30-plus years in domestic and international sales and marketing management, product management, front line sales, general management and procurement. Working for both small and large corporations (Aviom, ASPI, Harman, Bose, Martin Audio and others) has helped sharpen my understanding of how all the important pieces of a business must fit together to work effectively.

What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?

There will be an emphasis on bolstering our brand awareness to the markets we serve, especially at the user level.

Tweed Recording Goes All-In with Danley, April 15, 2020

What are your short- and long-term goals?

Short-term, our goal is to provide the best support possible for our customers, providing education, design support, and getting them the best solution for their projects. We have doubled our support staff to accomplish this. Long-term, my goal is to expand production overseas so we can provide faster turnaround and reduce some of the absorptive costs of shipping by air and sea to our international distribution.

What is the greatest challenge you face?

One of our biggest challenges is to get resellers and customers to open their minds to our technology and take the leap forward to a different and very viable approach! We are all human and become comfortable using the same things over and over that we know will work, even when there might be a better solution.

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Tweed Recording Goes All-In with Danley

Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording has Danley Studio 2 monitors in its control rooms.
Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording has Danley Studio 2 monitors in its control rooms.

Athens, GA (April 15, 2020)—Andrew Ratcliffe’s Tweed Recording moved in recent times to Athens, Georgia to build out a new three-room facility, along with a classroom and a one-hundred seat live performance venue. Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers are used in the classroom and the live performance venue, and now Ratcliffe has installed three sets of Danley Studio 2 self-powered studio monitors, one for each control room.

Ratcliffe started an equipment company alongside his studio and is a part-owner in the newly revitalized console company, Sound Techniques.  The equipment company always gravitated toward vintage gear with personality. He worked with integration firm TSAV to help bring all the technologies in the facility together, including Dante, Internet, Wi-Fi, and more. “They suggested I check out the Danley line for the theater, so we went to Gainesville for the day to hear what Danley had to offer,” he said. “We were impressed by the people at Danley and their unconventional approach to high-fidelity live sound.”

Studio Showcase: Tweed Recording Audio Production Academy

Ratcliffe went with a pair of Danley SM-100F full-range loudspeakers with low-end support for the live venue and a pair of Danley CS-100 Cinema series loudspeakers for the classroom paired with a Danley THmini subwoofer.

“While we were there, Cooper [Hedden] let us hear prototypes of Tom Danley’s latest obsession: studio nearfield monitors,” Ratcliffe continued. “These were the Danley Studio 1s, which are passive boxes. They sounded absolutely incredible! Since we have so much gear in our racks already, I commented that I’d love to see the Danley monitors in a one-box powered format. The next day, Cooper called to say the challenge had been accepted. Tom Danley was going to build me an active version!” Now officially the Danley Studio 2, Tweed Recording has three sets. Two are in the mirror-imaged recording studios (almost exact replicas of the Oxford facility). The third set sits in the mix room.

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