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Matej Isak, Monoandstereo.Com

“As I said, something changed and changed for good without placebo effect.

…While all the sublime changes in sound can be based on different and often altered states of mind, I must say I felt that something did happen to the way I perceived the music from my CD’s with Chisto doing their magic. With DVD’s and Blu-ray,’ it is often easy to see visual improvements. Withing audio and music those distinctions are sharper and harder to experience. I can stand behind all the technological benefits of both Analoguer and the Black Analoguer without a doubt, but for audible changes, you’ll simply have to trust my “sharp” ears or try it for yourself.

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Matej Isak,

Andy Norman – TNT-AUDIO.COM

“Disk Detox!

…I was surprised therefore when a quick spray with the Analoguer resuscitated a copy of Norah Jones’ first album that I had thought was beyond redemption.
… I found that on virtually all my CDs the spray made a difference. It seemed to enhance the detail in the soundstage, bringing out a little more depth in reverberation, a little more clarity in the separation of instruments making the overall presentation a little smoother.
…The treatment seemed to tighten the bass and add a little more clarity to the treble, making a triangle part more audible and distinct. Then a Ry Cooder album – where the track “Down in Hollywood” seemed to gain an extra bit of funkiness as it became easier to separate out the individual instruments from a fairly chunky mix. The overall feeling of ambience in recordings seemed to be clearer.

Chisto Disk Analoguer review by TNT Audio

Andy Norman – TNT-AUDIO.COM

1More Quad Driver headphone review

1More’s THX-certified Quad Driver headphones deliver superb sound and outstanding value for the audiophile who wants a reference in-ear-headphone. Introduction I’ve become a fan of 1More since the company’s founding just three short years ago. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing a number of in-ear and over the ear headphone models. For me, 1More’s headphone […]

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