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Decoded joins Mr. Afterparty ‘Last Night A Streaming Saved My Life’ – Coronavirus charity fundraiser live streaming marathon

Due to the global Coronavirus crisis, the popular social media platform Mr. Afterparty are set to unite DJs from across the world by hosting a 24hr+ live streaming charity fundraiser ‘Last Night A Streaming Saved My Life’ via their Facebook channel to raise money for those most in need at this difficult time.

The continuous 24hr+ streaming marathon will go live from 6pm (GMT) on Saturday 21st March and will be broadcast from 24+ different locations featuring sets from over 24 of the word’s finest DJs including Art Department (US), Camea (Germany), Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato (Canada), Davide Squillace (Spain), Detlef (Greece), James Zabiela (UK), Jean Pierre & Jesse Calosso (US), Luigi Madonna (Netherlands), Mahony (Romania), Marco Bailey (Belgium), Matador (Ireland), Nakadia (Germany), Neverdogs (Ibiza), Oliver Huntemann (Germany), Oxia (France), Paco Osuna (Spain), Pan-Pot (Germany), Riva Starr (Italy), Sébastien Léger (Portugal) and Vanjee (US) amongst others.

The stream will also be shared by a multitude of industry partners such as magazines, radio stations, record labels, booking and PR agencies, promoters and clubs.

All money raised will be allocated to causes for the people and areas most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak such as the International Red Cross (Various Countries) and the Coronavirus Relief Fund, plus eventually other local Coronavirus fundraising projects. This ambitious initiative was born after a recent video post, on the channel, of Italian’s showing real resilience/character in the face of adversity by singing and dancing from their balconies (see here) resonated with the world and went viral receiving more than 55M+ unique views, 464K+ shares, 330K reactions, 68K+ comments in just 2 days.

Mr. Afterparty says: “Some of our team are Italian natives and after having experienced what our families and friends are currently going through due to this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak has deeply saddened our hearts. Following the overwhelming heart-warming feedback we have received from our recent video post, we have felt the need to act in the best way we can by utilising all our means, efforts and commitment to give back to our communities. The 24hr streaming session is a big commitment and our whole team has been dedicated non stop to making this happen.”

All denotations are greatly appreciated and payments will be clearly documented with updates sent to all donors. To donate please visit:

24+ HOURS | 24+ DJS | 24+ LOCATIONS





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Dark Entries releasing Red Axes’ new “punk-electronica” album

“Channeling post-punk, ’90s club culture and new wave.”

Dark Entries is releasing a new self-titled album from Red Axes, aka Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, this May.

A celebration of 10 years of collaborations between Sadovnik and Arzi, Red Axes spans post-punk, dark wave, cosmic disco and new wave.

Its 10-tracks features contributions from Autarkic, Beatfoot and Adi Bronicki.

Red Axes LP follows Dark Entries’ reissue of Patrick Cowley’s Mechanical Fantasy Box one of our favourite reissues of 2019.

Head here for more info in advance of Red Axes’ 8th May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. They Game
2. Zeze
3. Shelera
4. Hold
5. Sticks & Stones (feat. Adi Bronicki)
6. Moonlight
7. Break The Limit
8. Watching You
9. Brotherhood (Of The Misunderstood) (feat. Autarkic)
10. Udibaby (feat. Beatfoot)
11. Arpman

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Sheffield producer 96 Back combines bleep and electro on new EP, TBQFH

Embracing the Steel City’s techno heritage.

Producer and DJ 96 Back, aka Evan Majumdar-Swift, is releasing a new EP, called TBQFH, via Hypercolour this April.

Across its four tracks, he moves from “the beat science of ‘Fe Symbolic’ to the widescreen sound palette at play in ‘Party Animal’”, shares the label.

TBQFH follows 96 Back’s Excitable, Girl – one of our favourite albums of 2019, as well as his Issue In Surreal LP, both of which were released on Central Processing Unit.

Head here for more info in advance of TBQFH’s 17th April release, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Party Animal
2. Cosied By
4. Fe Symbolic

Photo by Frankie Casillo.

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Footsie announces debut LP with cameos from JME, D Double E and more

With a spicy video for first single ‘Pepper Stew’.

Grime producer and MC Footsie is releasing his debut solo album, No Favours, this May via his own Studio 55 imprint.

Read more: How vinyl culture shaped grime

Footsie first gained recognition as a member of N.A.S.T.Y Crew – with Kano, Marcus Nasty, Jammer, D Double E, Ghetts, Stormin, Mak 10, Monkstar, Sharky Major, Armour, and Hyper – before later forming Newham Generals with D Double E.

No Favours features contributions from artists including D Double E, P Money, Kwes Darko, and JME.

It follows Footsie’s ‘Polo / Dicing With Death’ 10″ in 2019, as well as his King Original Vol. 4 LP in 2017.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below in advance of No Favours’ 22nd May release.


1. Restless Jack featuring CASisDEAD
2. Pepper Stew featuring JME
3. No Favours
4. Finesse
5. FWD Skit
6. Pattern & Program
7. My Own Wave featring D Double E & Pepper Rose
8. Hills Of Zion featuring OG Rootz & Frisco
9. Music Money featuring D Double E & Jammer
10. G Set featuring Prez T & P Money
11. Underwater featuring J Appiah
12. Frank Bruno featuring Triggz
13. Easy For You featuring J Appiah

Photo by: Tim Borrow

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A Few Nice Things in Difficult Times…

The world has changed. Priorities have been reordered and difficult decisions are being made. It’s a time to be concerned and vigilant. It’s a time to recognize facts, acknowledge experts, listen and learn, and to all do our part as […]
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DJ Harvey shares rare official live mix: a 3-hour set from Rumours

“Enjoy it with your loved ones while we’re all isolating.”

DJ Harvey has released a new official live mix, from an extended set that took place at a Rumours’ LA block party held in Gin Ling Way, Chinatown, during 2019.

“It’s the first time I’ve officially shared a live mix of mine from any party aside from Boiler Room, anything else is a bootleg and possibly not even me,” explains Harvey.

Released in four parts via bandcamp, with all proceeds donated to an as yet to be determined charity, DJ Harvey Live at Rumors is a live recording clocking in at almost 3-hours-long, chugging through disco, balearic, afrobeat, house and beyond.

“See you on the other side for one helluva party.”

Head here to to download the mix in full.

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BLOG: Music Maestro, please!

We are in a time, where working from home is not a special thing anymore. Even when the world is not at a major...

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Gold Note CD1000 MkII CD player/DAC

Even though there is a wealth of streaming options available to music lovers, the CD is quietly making a bit of a comeback. Not everyone wants to be an IT person, and some really enjoy the simplicity of putting a disc in and pushing play. Not to mention, there are some great deals to be had in the used CD bins.

Over the last several years, vinyl’s comeback reinvigorated the love for turntables. Following on the footsteps of this old-school resurgence CDs are experiencing a surprise comeback too. Embracing this trend, Italy’s Gold Note seeks to bring together the best of CD playback and streaming into a single package with the CD-1000 player and DAC. Indeed, the CD-1000 performs admirably in extracting the most from CDs. However, it also features a USB input so the internal DAC can deliver double-duty in decoding high-resolution PCM files. While Gold Note player cannot decode SACD or DVD-A disks, DSD, or MQA files, listeners will enjoy its prowess with a vast majority of their music collection.

Behold gold

After unpacking the CD1000, it’s evident that Italy’s Gold Note puts a lot of effort into the aesthetics of their products to complement the equally-beautiful sound.

The player comes in a variety of finishes. In addition to the gold anodizing reflecting the company’s namesake, Gold Note offers black and silver options to match other downstream components. While some manufacturers anodize only the thick aluminum faceplate to save production cost, the CD-1000 surfaces all reflect the owner’s color choice. Atop the CD-1000, even the ventilation slits prove attractive. It also features a custom-made aluminum CD drawer rather than the cheap plastic ones used in most players. The unit’s heft also reflects serious build quality. The player weighs in at 33 pounds (15kg) with external dimensions of 17 inches wide, 14.75 inches deep, and 5.3 inches tall (430mm X 375mm X 135mm).

The front panel controls offer the expected options for a CD player. Eject, play/pause, track skipping or scanning, stop, and standby buttons integrate gracefully into the faceplate. A digital display showcases the CD track number and elapsed time. There is no button to choose the input selections, however. For that, one needs to use the included plastic remote control.

Owners have a choice of RCA or AES/EBU (XLR) analog outputs. They can also use the S/PDIF coax output to use the CD-1000 as a transport to an external DAC. However, it would take an exceptional DAC to expect an improvement over the one built into the Gold Note.

Input wise, those using the player as a standalone DAC can connect to it from other sources via Toslink, S/PDIF, or USB. Regardless of input choice, the player’s excellent Burr-Brown PCM1796 dual-mono chip takes the reins for decoding digital information.

Designed for upgrades

Gold Note employs a modular design for the CD player. While the internal dual-mono power supply does a marvelous job on its own, an owner can upgrade the player with a choice of two external Class A tube Output Stage Buffers, the TUBE-1012 taps the aid of twelve 6N1P triode tubes, while the smaller TUBE-1006 sibling uses six. Besides are also available two external inductive power supply the 9 transformers PSU-1250 and the 5 transformers PSU-1000.  According to Gold Note, either power supply bests the internal version. These upgrades don’t come cheap, retailing around $7,000 or $4,000, respectively for both TUBE and PSU. Adding that to the $5,000 cost of the player itself represents a substantial investment.

We’ll need to take Gold Note’s word for the sound improvements these power supplies offer since we did not have either on hand from which to base a comparison. For those CD-1000 owners who seek to unveil every sonic nuance from their CD-1000, the upgrade may prove worthwhile. CD-1000 owners who choose to go that route can acquire new-production Sovtek 6N1P tubes for about $12 each. Necessary re-tubing down the road won’t break the bank.


The Gold Note features a similar sonic voice, whether enjoying a CD or using the DAC for streamed content. However, CD playback is where it truly excels. The sound is exceptionally immersive and it’s easy to get swept up in the music rather than scrutinizing it.

The CD-1000 MkII digs out bass notes in a tight, defined, and concise way. Those who crave heavy bass emphasis may find the player’s voicing a touch polite for their taste. Low frequency, dub-steppy elements heard in Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown” renders with ample punch, though. Listeners pairing the CD-1000 with preamps and amps that excel at low-frequency delivery may find the Gold Note an excellent match.

The Gold Note offers a beautiful midrange portrayal. Vocals seem to take a step toward the listener, exceeding the physical speaker placement. Similarly-impressive is the player’s broad and deep soundstage. Instruments sometimes offer a surprise by appearing to wrap around the edges of the listening space.

On the top end, high-frequency information translates with oodles of detail. The player retrieves nuances that help frame the ambiance around vocalists and various instruments. It layers them in the soundstage deftly. However, that marvelous capability is a double-edged sword at times. When mated with similarly-voiced downstream components, the DAC can introduce a touch of stridency. For example, “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones comes with a bit of hard edge during her vocal crescendos. For sonic comparison between the DAC and CD functionality, we played the same track using the CD-1000MkII’s DAC only, and then the CD player. The Redbook CD playback sounded a little more rounded, even in comparison with a streamed 24-bit/192KHz native file.

I expect the power supply upgrades for the CD-1000 would enhance all the player’s strengths and diminish the few quibbles. Even without the upgrades though, the Gold Note’s voice is lovely and it’s easy to get immersed in rummaging through old CDs to see what the CD-1000 can extract from them. Those seeking more detail and “life” in their stereo system’s digital playback prowess may find the CD-1000 a great option.

Summing up

The Gold Note CD-100 MkII is an exceptional performer and a marvelous choice for those with an extensive CD collection. However, keep in mind that the player decodes streamed music too. Dividing that cost among the player and DAC capabilities justifies the future-proofed investment. Plus, Gold Note’s various power supplies give a prospective owner an upgrade path. If this review whets your appetite for a new CD player, be sure to audition a CD-1000 MkII and see if it’s the solution you’ve been seeking to complement your other system components.

Gold Note CD1000 MkII CD Player and DAC

MSRP:  $5,000


Digital Sources Roon Nucleus, Simaudio MOON 780D DAC, Oppo BDP-103, Synology DiskStation 415 Play, Tidal and Qobuz streaming services.

Amplification Conrad-Johnson ART150

Preamplification Coffman Labs G1-B

Speakers GamuT RS3i

Cables Jena Labs

Power Torus AVR 15 Plus, RSA Mongoose, and Cardas power cords

Accessories ASC tube traps, Cathedral Sound Room Dampening Panels, Mapleshade Samson audio racks, Coffman Labs Equipment Footers

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Berlin clubs initiate global fundraising

Berlin’s Clubs, event organizers and artists support each other in solidarity. On Wednesday, the 18th of March, they begin a joint streaming platform. In the upcoming weeks, Berlin ́s Clubs in cooperation with arte concert open their virtual doors daily to offer a program lasting several hours. Participants are kindly asked to make donations.

The Berlin Club Culture is facing it ́s biggest challenge in history. On Friday, the 13th of March 2020, the whole of Berlin ́s night life was officially shut down to prevent the spreading of Corona Virus. Therefore, about 9000 employees, as well as tens of thousands of artists are without work and wages and the many places that give Berlin part of it ́s identity face their ruin.

As a reaction to closing all Berlin Clubs and the rest of the world being in quarantine, Berlin ́s Clubs, event organizers and artists declare their support for each other. On Wednesday, the 18th of march, they begin the biggest digital club on, daily from 7pm on and from changing venues. Next to streaming Live Dj-sets, Live-Music and Live- performances, it will be a platform for discussion rounds, presentations and movies addressing all themes concerning our club culture.

#UnitedWeStream is an initiative by the Berlin Club Commission and the campaign platform, Reclaim Club Culture. We are grateful to have won arte, radioeins, ALEX TV and the Berlin label SUOL and ifbbw as cooperating partners for providing and maintaining the streaming technology. offered themselves as a donation platform. Visitors to their page will be asked for a voluntarily donation and in return receive a „Virtual Club Ticket“. All the streaming ́s income will flow directly to a relief fund which will support Clubs, event organizers and artists in need. And for this case, a specific criteria catalog has been developed, as well as an independently assigned jury to make decisions about the distribution of these funds.

Donation account:
Berlin Worx e.V.
IBAN DE 55 4306 0967 1179 9831 00
at GLS-Bank

Björn Lampe, CEO of “As a company in the heart of Kreuzberg, we have always been closely connected to Berlin’s club culture. Not only do we appreciate the immediate neighborhood of the creative scene, we are also aware of the important role it plays for the Berlin economy and especially for Berlin itself. In times like these, we want to stand together and are very happy to be able to support the United We Stream initiative with our fundraising platform and our charity stream tools. “

Anja Caspary, Music Director of radioeins: “Radioeins supports the fundraising campaign wholeheartedly because the Berlin music culture scene is our lifeline. Reports and interviews with bands and musicians, artists and DJs are part of our DNA and we radio people can be found in the clubs and concert venues every night. In times of crisis, culture always struggles first. Therefore, it’s good that we can show everyone how they can help because it would be a great tragedy if the music scene did not survive corona. “

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Mind Against release Walking Away on Afterlife

Mind Against – Walking Away (AL035)
A Walking Away
B Bloom

Released by:
Afterlife Recordings
Release date:
13 March 2020

Mind Against are back on Afterlife with two emotive, dancefloor masterpieces. ‘Walking Away’, featuring the deeply-affecting vocals of Port St. Willow, centers around uplifting harmonic elements and a resonant drum pattern. It strikes that special balance of light and dark which makes Mind Against’s tracks uniquely cathartic. ‘Bloom’ is more a melancholy, downtempo interpretation of their vision. The percussion is restrained and sits deep below atmospheric pads and piano chords, eventually arriving at a gradual and subtle peak. Mind Against reach euphoric heights once again, though this time by a patient and reflective path.

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