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Dego, Patrice Scott, Linkwood feature on Neroli’s 20th anniversary compilation

“Warm, futuristic pieces.”

Italian label Neroli celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new compilation, The First Choice, out this May.

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Founded by Enrico Crivellaro aka Volcov in 2000, Neroli has since put out releases from artists including Fred P, Patrice Scott, Dego, and Chaos In The CBD.

Marking the label’s 50th release, The First Choice collects tunes by Dego, Kirk Degiorgio, Linkwood, Fred P and K15, as well as a composition by Volcov with Gerald Mitchell and Pirahnahead.

Alongside the compilation, Neroli also released a 12”, titled NEROXXX, as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations in April.

Head here to pre-order a copy of The First Choice in advance of its 22nd May release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. K15 – Disillusioned
2. Kirk Degiorgio – Leave Everything Behind
3. Patrice Scott – Untitled
4. AYBEE – River Of Evermore

Side B

1. Ian o’Brien – Music Comes From Within
2. Gerald Mitchell / Volcov / Pirahnahead – Snow
3. Dego – 31 Losses 31 Wins
4. Fred P- Star Crossed
5. Linkwood – Citrus

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This week’s VF HQ Spotify playlist (18th May)

A rotating selection of our favourite music.

From new releases to beloved classics and little-known favourites, our Spotify playlist features the tunes we’ve had on loop recently.

This instalment includes tracks by Tony Allen, Buju & Burna Boy, Cinthie and Róisín Murphy.

Selected by VF’s Gabriela Helfet and updated regularly, check out its latest incarnation below, and follow us here.

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Haruki Murakami is hosting a new radio show this week, Stay Home Special

Drawing from his 10,000+ record collection.

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is hosting a special radio show this Friday, called Stay Home Special, for everyone living in lockdown due to the ongoing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Taking its name from Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike’s message for residents to avoid going out, Stay Home Special will see Murakami dipping into his 10,000+ record collection.

“I’m hoping that the power of music can do a little to blow away some of the corona-related blues that have been piling up,” he explains.

During the show, Murakami will also accept questions from listeners.

No stranger to radio, since 2018, Murakami has hosted a quarterly show called Murakami Radios on Tokyo FM.

Stay Home Special will air on Tokyo FM 80.0 and 38 stations in Japan on Friday, the 22nd May, from 1:00 – 2:55 PM (GMT)

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South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba performs live in Sweden during 1966

An evening with the legendary musician and civil rights activist. 

During 1966, South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba travelled to Stockholm, Sweden, to perform live at Bern’s Salonger.

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Joined by Sivuca on guitar/accordion, Leopoldo Fleming JR on congas and William Salter on bass, Makeba performed songs including ‘Mbube’, ‘Click Song’, and ‘Forbidden Games’.

Enamoured by the performance, an 18-year old Åke Holm recorded the soundtrack from the original transmission, and presented it to Makeba in 2002 as “a gesture of [his] gratitude for the joy she had given me these past 30 years.”

Having also been preserved by Swedish Television, the performance was subsequently released on CD in 2003 by Gallo Record Company.

Watch the recording in full above, and check out the setlist below.


1. Mbube
2. Ask The Rising Sun
3. Forbidden Games
4. Chove Chuva
5. Click Song
6. When I’ve Passed On
7. You Are In Love
8. The Naughty Little Flea
9. Mayibuye
10. Kilimanjaro
11. Amampondo
12. Oxgam
13. Oh, So Alone
14. Akana Nkomo

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Jeff Mills returns to his Every Dog Has Its Day series for 7th instalment

“Crafted to ease restlessness, soothe impatience and at the same time build high life expectations.”

Jeff Mills has released the seventh instalment of his Every Dog Has Its Day series under his Millsart alias, via his own Axis Records imprint, ahead of its vinyl release forthcoming later in 2020.

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According to Axis Records, the album has been designed to offer “a better understanding of what you are searching for.”

It is accompanied by a cryptic note from Mills himself, an extract of which reads as follows:

“Time is the great healer, it should be relentlessly measured in silence. Time devours everything, even itself. As a fact, to see is to believe.”

Vol. 7 follows the sixth instalment, which was released in April.

Head here to purchase a copy of Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 7, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. 18 Ways To Tie A Knot (Necktie Science)
2. Precious Hall
3. No Shame In The Game
4. Jardin des Tuileries
5. Paris Metro One
6. Ancient Aliens Theorists Say Yes
7. The Paradigm Question
8. Tear Drop Nebula
9. Axis ID

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Techno producer Ellen Allien announces new album, Auraa

A soundtrack to home dancing.

Ellen Allien is releasing a new album, Auraa, via her own BPitch Control imprint this June.

Across its 7-tracks, the album moves through drone, trance, “wistful synths” and percussive techno.

Auraa will explore “the notion of unseen energies controlling our planet,” explains the label.

It marks her third album in as many years, following the release of Alientronic on BPitch Control in 2019.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below in advance of Auraa’s 12th June release.


1. Hello Planet Earth Breath Mix
2. In Music I Trust
3. Walking In The Dark
4. Confusion
5. Human
6. True Romantics
7. Traum

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Summer Is Finally Here!

It’s been a very challenging semester. The shutdown of face-to-face classroom instruction caused no end of headaches, compromises in the quality of teaching, and some serious doubts about tests and grading. I just finished grading 55 final exams in one […]
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Computer recitations of punk lyrics meet ambient on Nozomu Matsumoto’s Sustainable Hours

With a humidifier, an aroma diffuser and a robot making appearances.

Japanese artist and curator Nozomu Matsumoto has released his soundtrack to Nile Koetting’s 2016 installation for Les Liaisons Ambiguës, titled Sustainable Hours, via The Death of Rave.

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Koetting’s installation at Ginza Maison Hermès saw the Berlin-based artist using a series of objects – including a humidifier, an aroma diffuser and a robot – to explore the nihilistic side of punk philosophy.

For Sustainable Hours, Matsumoto condensed the original 6-hour soundtrack into five shorter compositions, shepherding punk lyrics recited by an artificial voice through new age-esque ambient and animal recordings.

Sustainable Hours follows Matsumoto’s Climatotherapy LP – one of our favourite soundtracks from 2018.

Head here to purchase Sustainable Hours, and check out the tracklist below.


Side A

1. Sustainable III
2. Sustainable II
3. Sustainable I

Side B

1. Evening / Civil Twilight to Nautical Twilight
2. Night / Disco

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Was bringt 8K-Auflösung bei Fotos? Richtig viel, wie unser kurzer Praxistest 4K-TV vs. 8K-TV zeigt!

8K-Fernseher mit HDMI-2.1-Ports sind zu 8K/60p-Quellen kompatibel. 8K-Übertragungen der Olympischen Spiele 2020 waren aus Tokio geplant, fallen aber leider wegen der Corona-Pandemie aus. Doch die 7.640 x 4.340 Pixel der neuen Display-Generation sind schon länger ein Segen für alle Foto-Enthusiasten, die ihre Bilder via USB in voller 8K-Qualität (33 Megapixel) im Vergleich zu UHD-TVs (8,3 ...

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An audio-visual project by Skapade Studios and Glenfiddich Distillery

Glenfiddich, a family run distillery which has been making globally revered single malt Scotch whisky since 1887, has partnered with Dumbarton’s own state of the art production team – Skapade Studios.

The new documentary reveals how Glasgow DJ and Skapade director Stephen Kirkwood worked alongside Glenfiddich ambassador David Allardice, to produce an ambient-electronic masterpiece using only sounds recorded from the Highland distillery. As it turns out, Skapade and one of the country’s oldest distilleries share a very similar approach to production – using a blend of carefully selected elements to create one, perfectly balanced product. Whisky barrels, copper pot stills and huge industrial machines were all used as original sounds in the project. However, perhaps the most significant and unique addition to the track was the voice of whisky making legend Dennis McBain, who has worked in the industry for almost 60 years.

The coppersmith’s lifelong passion for Glenfiddich runs throughout the track, providing an authentic listening experience that perfectly encapsulates the love that has gone into 130 years of making Scotland’s favourite whisky. Based in the village of Dufftown, The Distillation of Sound celebrates Scottish heritage with a glimpse into one of the country’s most beautiful distilleries; and the creative process behind the production of a piece of music like no other.

Dave Paradice, Glenfiddich ambassador and project creator said: “The idea came to me a couple of years ago to fuse my passion for electronic music and whisky by creating a unique track using sounds recorded at the whisky distillery. I needed to find the right partner. Someone that could bring their own creativity to the project and that had an appreciation for all the elements involved – whisky, music and Scottish heritage.”

An old friend of mine, Andy Begg suggested that I connect with Stephen on Instagram. I was already aware of Stephen’s reputation as a DJ/ producer and we started to message via social media. Within a few months we had built a rough plan. We lined up an amazing video production partnership with Enterprise Screens and off we went to the Scottish Highlands to record the sounds of distillation!”

DJ/producer and Director of Skapade Studios Stephen Kirkwood said: “I was approached by Dave about a project that involved two of my favourite things – music and Scottish Whisky! As soon as we got chatting about the idea, I knew I was the person for the job. Ideas started flowing between us and before we knew it, we had Glenfiddich’s distillery booked out for a couple of days to record sounds of the whisky making process. What an honour it was to get the chance to go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most popular and sought-after whiskies!

“The documentary we produced gives a window into the traditional process of whisky making, a beautiful distillery and its people, as well as a unique look at how everyday sounds can be creatively transformed into a piece of music. What a truly amazing experience.”

Skapade Studios is a state-of-the-art studio space that’s tailored to give students’ a boost in all areas of electronic music production – from mixing and mastering, to developing business skills.

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