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Use Chisto’s Easy Groove line for best and most effective vinyl record preservation.

Analogue enthusiasts pay a price for their affection, as their collection’s longevity depends on the measures of treatment they take. Learn more about these measures in the article below. As fellow audiophiles, we’d like to share our feelings on this matter and, hopefully, make vinyl record preservation less of a headache for any analogue devotee.

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Vinyl records deserve special treatment – use the specially designed vinyl record cleaning kit from Chisto instead of unreliable and dangerous DIY recipes.

People’s occasional distrust of online stores is understandable, but why trust strangers and their unproven methods, even if they seem cheaper than buying vinyl record cleaning supplies? If you already own a collection of vinyl records, you need to be ready to take proper care of it too. Let’s look at why spending a little extra on cleaning is worth it.

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Improve the condition of your hi-end setup with Chisto’s hi-end video care products.

Upgrade your cleaning habits and use our specialized line of products to never worry about having to waste time constantly polishing and removing dust from your screens and gear. In general, people refuse to buy hi-end video care products and special HD screen cleaners, mostly due to them being quite expensive. Let us convince you why spending a little extra is worth it.

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