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Is vinyl record cleaning too time-consuming and bothersome? Introducing Easy Groove Spray&Wipe – a safe LP cleaning solution that is super easy in application.

Cleaning is necessary if you want your records to stay in mint condition, but the average LP collection is far too big for spending a lot of time on each disk. So let’s figure out a way of making your vinyl record cleaning routine easy and enjoyable without having to rely on untrustworthy and tedious methods. Continue reading

Have you ever found a vinyl record that seemed impossible to resuscitate? Apply the best solution for vinyl record cleaning – Chisto’s Enzycaster for best results.

Collectors scour all kinds of places to find rare LPs from the 40s and 50s (or even older). These kinds of records are notoriously difficult to restore to playable condition. So, if you don’t know what to do with such relics, let’s see if there is a solution for old vinyl record treatment that could help you make these priceless LPs from years past sound great again.
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Top quality hi-end audio care products by Chisto are audiophile’s best choice for maintaining and taking care of hi-end gear.

Audiophile’s quest to create their dream hi-end audio setup is a testament to their obsession with music, but maintaining is, as sensitive electronics require special cleaning. Learn more about maintaining your gear with our guide on hi-end audio care and why it’s important to be meticulous and precise with what you purchase for cleaning.

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Immerse yourself in audio waves with Chisto’s Disk Analoguer – a one-of-a-kind CD static killer to listen to the unaltered sound of your CDs.

Should you abandon your archive of CDs for the convenience of streaming services? The answer isn’t as simple as it appears initially, as the loss of sonic detail is very noticeable. If you want to extract the full potential of your compact disks and see what you’ve been missing out on, an effective CD static killer agent is required.

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If you struggle with vinyl record preservation, use Easy Groove – a line of special solutions to suit all audiophiles’ needs.

As music lovers, we buy vinyl records to lose ourselves the soundscapes only they can offer. Having to deal with cleaning LPs is also part of the experience, so might as well make it easy. We believe that acquiring our set of products for record cleaning is money well spent due its universal role in cleaning records of all types and ages and simplicity in use.

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Do your brand new vinyl records sound weird or muddy? Chisto’s record cleaning fluids will treat your LPs and ensure they always sound fantastic, bringing you endless joy.

To a casual listener, treatment of newly pressed vinyl records seems strange and unnecessary, but a seasoned audiophile knows that new LPs tend to sound bad for a little while. So is there a way to get vinyl albums to sound good immediately? Let’s find out what’s the reason behind new records producing muddy audio and how our LP cleaning fluids can help you.

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Are you afraid of cleaning your older, fragile records? Don’t worry: Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset will aid you in shellac record cleaning and take good care of your 78 RPM rarities.

Being a “lucky owner” of shellac records is tough: due to their various flaws their preservation and cleaning becomes very difficult, which is why many people tend to stay away from them. Shellac record care is tough, but with Chisto’s help and advice we hope you can enjoy these rarities to their fullest and prolong their lifespan as much as possible.

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Having trouble cleaning dirt out of the grooves of your favorite LPs? Use Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset to aid you in vinyl record cleaning.

Even savvy audiophiles sometimes buy cleaning products that don’t fit their description and price. Our Easy Groove line was tested and reviewed numerous times to eliminate that possibility. Learn to be a smarter customer by investing in a cleaning kit that excels in all areas of vinyl record cleaning rather than buying separate solution for each one.

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Does your vinyl record collection smell bad? Don’t risk your health – use Chisto’s vinyl record cleaning kit to eradicate harmful bacteria and prevent horrible smell.

Foul odor emanating from your vinyl vault isn’t just unpleasant – it is unhealthy for you and your family, which is why dealing with it should be one of your top priorities. In this article we shall dive into the “ugly” side of cleaning vinyl records – and you’ll see that eliminating any potential threat to your health is easy with our vinyl record cleaning kit.

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Having problems with static on your vinyl records? Chisto’s Easy Groove vinyl record cleaning solution is specifically designed to act as a static killer.

Static electricity is a problem that most casual listeners probably don’t even know about, while audio aficionados hate it with a passion. Why is it so important and how does one get rid of it? Let’s discuss the importance and necessity of owning an LP cleaning fluid that has static-eliminating properties to make your collection sound the best it can.

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