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Immersive audio-visual exhibit LUX: New Wave Of Contemporary Art opening at 180 Studios

Featuring 12 artists including Carsten Nicolai, Hito Steyerl, a’strict, and Julian Knxx.

SUUM Project and Fact are presenting a new audio-visual exhibition called LUX: New Wave Of Contemporary Art, opening at 180 Studios this October.

LUX expands the boundaries of how innovative audio-visual technology can transform interactive and immersive art, across 13 large scale installations created by 12 artists and collectives.

Blurring the lines between physical and virtual worlds, LUX features the debut of newly commissioned works including: BLUESKYWHITE, a large-scale site-specific installation by Es Devlin; Black Corporeal (Breathe), a critical examination on the relationship between materiality and the black psyche by Julianknxx; Flower Meadow, a new kinetic media sculpture by Swiss studio for media architecture studio iart; Morando, a new work by celebrated Korean collective a’strict.

The exhibition will also feature the UK premiere of Refik Anadol’s Renaissance Generative Dreams; Carsten Nicolai’s 2014 work unicolor; Cecilia Bengolea’s 2018 animated-sculpture video series Favorite Positions; the UK premiere of Hito Steyerl’s video installation This Is The Future – soundtracked by Kojey Radical and Susumu Yokota; works by Cao Yuxi, Random International, and Universal Everything.

LUX, meaning ‘light’ in Latin, focuses on the artistic presentation of the myriad different characteristics and the nature of hope that light embodies.

“The artists in LUX are working at the very cutting-edge of digital technologies, using artificial intelligence, generative and interactive algorithms, dimensional sound and optical illusion to create a new kind of artistic experiences.” – Dr. Jiyoon Lee, LUX Curator and Director of SUUM Project.

Part of an ongoing series with LG OLED ART, LUX is curated by Jiyoon Lee in collaboration with Fact and sponsored by LG.

LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art runs from Wednesday 13 October 2021 – Saturday 18 December 2021.

Head here for tickets and more info.

Address and Opening Hours

180 Studios | 180 The Strand, Temple, London, WC2R 1EA

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday

Tuesday: 11am – 7pm
Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Thursday: 12pm – 8pm
Friday: 12pm – 8pm
Saturday: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 7pm

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Vinyl Sessions at 180 Studios: Reeps One

“A one-shot series where artists record direct-to-dubplate, captured in a single take.”

The Vinyl Factory and Soho Radio’s Vinyl Sessions series features live performances cut direct-to-disc at 180 Studios.

Read more: How a lathe cuts music direct to vinyl

Using Soho Radio’s lathe to capture the performance, Reeps One delivers a single-take rendition of his track 2009 White Label’.

Watch it in full above, and check out more direct-to-vinyl magic in VF and SR’s Together: Heart N Soul compilation.

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Cuban dance floor cuts from ’75-’85 collected in new Soul Jazz comp

Latin and salsa styles mixed with funk, jazz, and disco.

A new compilation exploring dance called Culture Clash In Havana Cuba – Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 2 is being released by Soul Jazz Records this October.

Across 3xLP, the collection “explores the many styles that came out of Cuba in the 1970s-1980s, as Latin and salsa mixed with heavy doses of jazz, funk, and disco to create some of the most dance-floor friendly music ever made,” shares the label.

Curated by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker, it marks the second instalment in the series following volume 1. Both releases feature music from the book Cuba: Music and Revolution: Original Cover Art of Cuban Music: Record Sleeve Designs of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90.

Listen to Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo’s ‘Y Que Bien’ below:

Order Culture Clash In Havana Cuba – Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 2 here ahead of its 29th October release, check out the cover artwork and tracklist below.


1. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo – Y Que Bien
2. Orquesta Los Van Van – Por Que Lo Haces
3. Los Latinos – Quemando
4. Farah María – Amame y No Pienses Mas
5. FA 5 – Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon
6. Tambores De Enrique Bonne – Como Arrullos De Palma
7. Ricardo Eddy Martinez – Expreso Ritmico
8. Los Papines – Solo De Tumba y Bongo
9. Grupo Sintesis – Aqui Estamos
10. Los Van Van – Llegada
11. Grupo Raices Nuevas – Baila Mi Guaguancó
12. Luis Carbonell – La Rumba
13. Orquesta Riverside – En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes
14. Juan Formel & Los Van Van – Llegue, Llegue
15. Grupo Los Yoyi – Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar
16. Los Papines – Para Que Niegas ?
17. Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC – ¡ Cuba Va !
18. Raul Gomez – Luces En La Pista
19. Los Brito – El 4-5-6
20. Leo Brouwer – Tema de El Rancheador De La Naturaleza
21. Ricardo Eddy Martinez – La 132
22. Los Reyes 73 – Finalizo Un Amor

Photo via: Juan Pablo Torres.

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Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (10th September)

Silky r’n’b, pumping highlife, hypnotic techno, and more.

This week’s rundown is by VF’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Alice Whittington, Emily Hill, and James Hammond.



This Is No Longer A Dream

(Dream Sequence Recordings)

Due: 10th September

The perfect sonic elixir to lead you from summer into autumn, London singer anaiis’ ethereally silky, vocal-led r’n’b makes its way to longplayer form in her debut LP, This Is No Longer A Dream. Released on her own Dream Sequence Recordings imprint, it sees anaiis enlisting Chronixx, Topaz Jones, Sjava, Jay Prince, CKTRL, Onyx Collective, Jesse & Forever, Azekel, Julian Knxx, Jenny Brough, and Rafael Pavarotti to realise her beguiling, creative visions. Stay tuned for how she transforms these tracks into soaring live iterations too. – GH

Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes

Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes

(We Are Busy Bodies Canada)


Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes is a vinyl-only reissue of Etubom Rex and the Nigerian Artistes’ 1973 self-titled album, featuring legendary trumpet virtuoso Etubom Rex Williams playing with one of his many bands. Williams was a prolific artist and a figurehead of Nigerian highlife, rubbing shoulders with Louis Armstrong and at one point boasting the late great Sir Victor Uwaifo as a band member. Featuring lightly plucked guitars, exquisite vocal harmonies, and at times even jazzy trumpet solos with a wah-wah mute, the album is truly a joy from start to finish. Primed for clinging onto those last rays of sun to. – AW

Midori Hirano




Purveyor of breathtaking gossamer pianoscapes via an electronic touch, Midori Hirano returns with Soniscope. As with previous albums, this is a record to get lost in. Traversing from hushed magic to emotive builds and beyond, sit down close your eyes and make sure you devote ample time to taking all Midori has created in. – GH

Park Hye Jin

Before I Die

(Ninja Tune)


The release of Park Hye Jin’s Before I Die on Ninja Tune has been long anticipated. Her debut album comes after a string of successful singles and EPs, which have garnered ever-growing support worldwide. The South Korean artist who now resides in LA maintains her downtempo, spoken-word meets hip-hop aesthetic, while also approaching a space that resembles iconic moments in K-pop history, something heard most prevalently on ‘Where Did I Go’. Elsewhere, ‘Sex With Me (DEFG)’ gives futuristic Galcher moments whilst also being a bouncy kick drum dance floor number in its own right. Though still honing her voice as a producer, this latest offering demonstrates a more complete vision of her sound. – EH

Annea Lockwood

Becoming Air/Into The Vanishing Point

(Black Truffle)


Recontextualizing the performer/composer relationship, Becoming Air/Into the Vanishing Point finds veteran composer Annea Lockwood developing two distinct pieces with collaborators Nate Wooley and the piano and percussion quartet Yarn/ Wire. Created in line with the highly-nuanced approaches of the performers, with Becoming Air the focus turns to extended technique and Wooley’s trumpet performance, which re-configures conventions of brass, breath and electricity into a tangle of intimate and curious frequencies. Shifting to ecological concerns on the reverse, Into the Vanishing Point is propelled by the deeply troubling global collapse of insect populations. Performed by Yarn/ Wire and their veritable array of sound making objects, frequencies familiar to those of insects and frogs abound and expand into intricate webs of sound that frame ideas of biodiversity in a musical context. – JH

Felisha Ledesma




Felisha Ledesma’s Fringe presents a pair of electroacoustic daydreams that feel tailor-made to a spell of balmy weather. Playing out as an intuitive patchwork of loops and interconnected sounds, both tracks were made using the ASQR software synth that Ledesma developed with Ess Mattisson. Managing to sidestep the pitfalls of ambient music as a vehicle of autopilot lull, Ledesma’s craft balances its oneiric qualities with its ability to prick up the ears through textural minutiae and diaristic compositions. – JH

Laura Nyro

Go Find The Moon: The Audition Tape

(Omnivore Recordings)


In the summer of 1966, a then 18-year old Laura Nyro auditioned for music producer Milt Okun and A&R honcho Artie Mogull. While the recordings remained in the vaults for years, Go Find The Moon finally presents them for the first time, bringing together previously unreleased tracks and covers, plus a stripped-back rendition of ‘And When I Die’. More than just an audition, Go Find The Moon is an intimate glimpse into Nyro’s early life, and one perhaps best summed up in her own words: “All I ask of living is to have no chains on me.” — LR


Kempston Hardwick

Step With Me

(Distant Horizons)


London-based producer Kempston Hardwick makes a case for an extended summer with balmy new EP Step With Me. Exploring various hues of the house spectrum, Hardwick blends together rhythmic drums, “late night grooves”, and vocal samples to transport us to a glistening beach. — LR

Anastasia Kristensen




Melodic techno and percussion that has you teetering on the edge of your seat shines through in this three tracker from Anastasia Kristensen. Returning to Fabric’s imprint Houndstooth, the Danish producer flexes the depth of her musical prowess on Volshebno, demonstrating an affinity with all the beautiful textures of electronic music as ambient introductions bounce into squelchy bass lines. ‘Volshebno’ sits on the techno spectrum leaning into some acidic drums whilst ‘Voice Within’ is dubbed out with the spatial ethos of a post punk anthem closing the ep with stretched ‘Volshbeno’, cinematic with a jungle flair. – EH


Por Cuete

(Drumma Records)


Welp, it’s Villalobos at his minimal best, teaming up with long-time friend and Santiago-based producer, Umho. Chilean imprint Drumma Records re-releases the duo’s 2016 collaborative track ‘Por Cuete’, with two new remixes from label boss Felipe Valenzuela on the B-side. – AW

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Tim Hecker’s The North Water score gets vinyl release

Sounds of a whaling ship’s journey into the arctic abyss.

Canadian sound artist Tim Hecker’s original score for The North Water is being released on vinyl via Invada Records and Lakeshore Records this January.

Adapted from a novel of the same name – The North Water by Ian McGuire – it tells the story of a disgraced doctor who becomes a medic onboard an Arctic whaling ship.

Speaking about the music, Hecker shares: “the score for The North Water was written just before and during the pandemic in 2020, largely during what was arguably one of the darkest winters of memory in Montreal.

The music was an attempt to add depth and texture to the five-hour arctic journey.

We worked with a primary palette of synthesizers, electronics, and treated cello, in rich live spaces as well as suffocating dead ones. This version of the score is an enhanced mix of some of the material that made its way into the project.”

The North Water score will be released digitally on 10th September ahead of the vinyl offering in early 2022.

Check out the cover artwork and tracklist below in advance of its 22nd January release.


1. Seasick
2. First On Deck
3. Delirious
4. Seasick II
5. Left On The Ice
6. Our First Whale
7. Ice Row
8. It’s A Mistake To Think Too Much
9. The Warmth Of Drax
10. Winter’s Coming
11. Loot
12. A Breather
13. Seasick III
14. Twinkle In The Wasteland
15. Staring Over Again

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Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (13th August)

Dystopian footwork, explorative synthesizers, wafting UK garage, and more.

This week’s rundown is by VF’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Alice Whittington, Emily Hill, and James Hammond.


Joy Orbison

Still Slipping Vol. 1

(XL Recordings)


Like Joy O’s Still Slipping EP that came before it, his first long player, Still Slipping Vol. 1, feels like a collage of memories – verging on soundscape terrain in parts and heady club-cut snippets elsewhere. The result is like a sonic wrinkle through Joy O’s pandemic limbo, one foot planted in his living room, and the other in a deep dance floor dimension. This latter dive into club-fare dips into both his house and techno beginnings, as well as his recent drill and grime forays, before woozily fading out like a radio gliding across a station. Slip into it. – GH

Jana Rush

Painful Enlightenment

(Planet Mu)


Prepare yourself for what Jana Rush calls “dark experimental listening music” – starting with the ominous “Moanin'” which mainly features a drum machine and saxophone yet still envelopes you with its pulsing kick and free jazz stylings. A veteran from the 90s Dance Mania days, she casts aside any type of formulaic production on this release – deftly piecing together erratic percussion with chopped up vocals on a textured sonic landscape. Incredibly, Rush works in Detroit as a chemical engineer during the day and a CAT Scan technologist at night, but somehow still has the time and energy to produce a blazing album of dystopian footwork, juke, and experimental electronica. – AW

Kevin McCormick & David Horridge

Light Patterns

(Smiling C)


Grappling with existential ennui? Look no further than the soothing and luminescent lo-fi of Light Patterns Kevin McCormick and David Horridge began their musical journey during the late ‘70s in Manchester, united in a decidedly different, and more delicate harmony to what was permeating the city’s sonic subcultures during that time. Mixing acoustic guitars and bass with effects and production techniques, the duo conjured an album that traverses hushed psychedelia, lo-fi, and ambient with a deft touch. “Light patterns in a glass dream, Sound fountains in a gentle stream, Smoked visions in another room, Form and fade all too soon…” – GH

Janet Beat

Pioneering Knob Twiddler

(Trunk Records)


It’s hard not to pass up listening to a release called Pioneering Knob Twiddler. Janet Beat, the owner of the first commercially available synthesiser in the UK, was encouraged by her peer Daphne Oram to experiment and create eerie, original soundscapes worthy of a Forbidden Planet soundtrack. She even goes one step further, pairing analogue flamenco guitar and synthesised effects on ‘A Willow Swept By Train’. It’s a fascinating glimpse into history, trying to imagine the wonder and excitement upon hearing synthesised music for the first time in the 1950s. – AW

Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage




In praise of the colour green, Tomoko Sauvage & Francesco Cavaliere’s Viridescens finds the duo channelling the colour’s serene and phantasmagorical
elements into their unusual ensemble of amplified water bowls, bamboo xylophones, metallophones and synthesizers. Recorded at site-specific performances in Tokyo and Hong Kong that were adorned with greenness (from plant life to synth colour), with Viridescens the label and artists present “a more musical context” for the performances. In collaboration Sauvage’s water music draws back from lengthy swells of aquatic feedback, instead taking on a more playful and melodic approach in tandem with Cavaliere’s curious vibrations and electronics. Splishing and sploshing that primes the imagination. – JH

Jeff Parker

JP’s Myspace Beats

(International Anthem)


Jeff Parker’s two most recent LPs for International Anthem, 2016’s The New Breed and last year’s Suite For Max Brown placed sampling and rhythm at thecore of his multi-instrumental approach. Where Suite For Max Brown operates on an intricate bed of live sampling, The New Breed was sparked by reworkings of Parker’s collection of Myspace beats and samples. It’s these beats and samples that make up this one-off vinyl pressing. With a palpable sense of fun and discovery intact, if Max Brown was a refinement and culmination of Parker’s sample-inspired music, these beats and sampled loops present part of its lo-fi, grooving inception. – JH

Steve Roach

Structures From Silence

(Telephone Explosion)


A legend of synthesizer-driven ambient music, Steve Roach drew upon the beauty of pastoral Americana for his 1984 album, Structures From Silence. Designed as a soundtrack to relaxation and meditation, Structures From Silence appears almost as a sonic tabula rasa, allowing the listener to dissolve into the rolling hills of its healing world. – LR


Nala Sinephro

Live at Real World Studios with Edward Wakili​-​Hick & Dwayne Kilvington



Nala Sinephro marks her debut vinyl release with Live at Real World Studios, via London’s own NTS. A sixteen-minute, unnamed improvisation, Sinephro recorded the piece on harp and modular synths, joined by Edward Wakili-Hick on drums, and Dwayne Kilvington on synth bass. A deeply spiritual piece that taps into the organic, free-flowing quality of improvisation,it appears akin to a river meandering across a field, unsure of its own destination, moving solely for the sake of moving. –LR



(Sweet N Tasty)


Delicious UK garage cuts cooked up in K-Lones kitchen for Sweet n Tasty are cheesy and delightful all at the same time. Playing with cheeky vocals and, arguably, cheekier basslines this four tracker has an ode to the iconic Synders pretzels within its realm. Dancing strictly above 130BPM the 4×4 bangers are joyful demonstrating the young producer’s dynamic range, in contrast to his melodic experimental bass debut album Cape Circa on Wisdom Teeth. One thing is for sure, he knows how to whip up some wafters. – EH


Dub Contours



Gradient delivers a dubbed-out-techno four tracker special for Matthew Oh’s ninth release on Outlaw Records. An ode to the experimental rhythms of dub-techno pioneers such as Moritz Von-Oswald, these four killer tracks are dripping deliciously with sparse melodic chords over a steady kick drum. Buoyantly bouncing the ‘Contours’ delve into the realms of deep house, never settling but flirting with the idea. Swaying side to side with the deep rhythms, they are joyfully relaxed, steadily danceable, and exciting dub explorations for the seasoned producer. – EH

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Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (9th July)

Electronics meet Indian classical, emotional indie, sultry r’n’b, and more.

This week’s rundown is by Vinyl Factory’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Alice Whittington, James Hammond, and Emily Hill.


Arushi Jain

Under the Lilac Sky

(Leaving Records)


Aiming to bridge the divide between traditional Indian classical music and more modern electronic experimentation, Arushi Jain crafts ambient ragas to heal on debut album Under the Lilac Sky. Tapping into her early training as a vocalist, Jain weaves her own ethereal vocals throughout, using them to guide her synthesizer work to celestial grounds. Under The Lilac Sky also comes with a set of specific listening instructions, for it must be played when the “sun is bidding farewell to the sky, and the colours turn into beautiful hues of purple and pink and everything in between.” — LR





It’s always a happy relief when an album is worth the wait. Such is the case with Welsh producer Koreless’ debut LP. The album’s name Agor – meaning ‘to open in Welsh – is a fitting reflection of what lies within. A welcome path into Koreless’ creative spirit, Agor sees his meticulously layered electronics build into grandiose realms without becoming saccharine, particularly thanks to his measured use of vocals. Bewitching first singles ‘Joy Squad’ and ‘Black Rainbow’ have already become firm favourites following repeated listens, with the album following similar suit. And, for those hankering for ‘MTI’ level emotional dance tracks complete with his perfectly cut vocals, look no further than ‘Shellshock’. – GH

Yoshiko Sai


(P-Vine Japan)


Japanese label P-Vine is officially reissuing avant-garde psych-folk artist Yoshiko Sai’s ’70s catalogue. While they’re also releasing a 5LP box set of her complete works, it’s her 1976 album Mikkō (密航) that stands out for its innovation. Opening track Kasama No Uta begins with traditional tabla and sitar patterns set to a soft noise backdrop, but then unexpectedly warps to another planet where city pop meets Akiko Yano style jazz-funk. Next up is Haru, a bluesy melancholic ballad, which is swiftly proceeded by acoustic folk with elements of flamenco guitar on Kino No Muchi. Mikkō is the product of someone given free rein to fully explore their creative identity, and you can feel Sai relishing the freedom. – AW

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Toop

Garden of Shadows and Light



The latest vinyl offering from 33-33 brings forth Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Toop’s first live collaboration, which took place at London’s Silver Building in
August of 2018. For a first collaboration the seamless flow of sound here is stunning, though not surprising given the vast musical CVs of both involved and their expanded vocabularies for strings and other sound making objects. Resonant, and texturally alluring throughout, this record is an open invitation for some deeper listening. – JH

Jerome Thomas

That Secret Sauce

(Rhythm Section International)


Jerome Thomas’ sound is a breath of fresh air and a nice surprise from Rhythm Section. Breaking away from the slick highly produced sound of modern r’n’b, Thomas delivers a more organic, lo-fi, un-quantised offering. Silky smooth vocals feature influences of Omar, while the tight 6-piece live band keeps the beat firmly swung with extra swagger – channelling jams from D’Angelo and Amp Fiddler. You can hear a unique authenticity in Thomas’ sound, a product of a 90s R&B upbringing and his family’s love of classic soul. Listening to the album in its entirety reveals a romantic narrative, like a sultry r’n’b audiobook – following the story of initial attraction through the exploration of compatibility. – AW

Nadia Struiwigh

Pax Aurora

(Nous’klaer Audio)


Amidst hushed synthesizers and keys, Rotterdam producer and DJ Nadia Struiwigh conjures her own sci-fi universe on Pax Aurora for Nous’klaer Audio. Featuring 9-tracks, the album is best consumed as a whole, ideally on a decent audio system to fully take in all of its detail. Lead by understated piano hooks, it remains largely percussionless. However, the zippy blips and bops of ‘Nana’ prove a welcome change from the cosmic swirls. Imagine a cute little alien tending to its interstellar garden and you’re halfway there. – GH

Steve Summers

Generation Loss



Generation Loss marks the welcome return of Steve Summers on Ron Morellis’ LIES imprint. Arriving in a double LP format, its 13 tracks bubble with elements of Chicago’s signature sounds. Summers, known for his work with Beau Wanzer & Traxx under the Mutant Dance Beat moniker as well as his solo Rhythm Based Lovers alias has been a purveyor of fine sounds for the last ten years – crafting releases for the likes of BANK and Future Times. Generation Loss is a testament to his ability and the honing of his sound, as he weaves between ’80s acid funk with an edge of the psychedelic. From the jackbeat energy on ‘90s’ to the gritty binary electronics on ‘Skin Of Your Teeth’, it balances each element perfectly – giving way to one of my favourite dance albums of 2021 so far. – EH



160 DOWN THE A406



The sensational SHERELLE has been dancing between fast and furious sonic boundaries for the last couple of years. Demonstrating mastery over the turntables, SHERELLE turns her skills to production, toasting the launch of her new label, called beautiful, alongside her debut release, and creating something truly spectacular. Driving over two tracks into terrains exceeding 160 BPM she jostles between her signature high-octane style and more pared-down experimental energies. ‘160 Down The A406’ is frantically connected to the dancefloor, pulsating drums dance against euphoric synthesizer pads. ‘Rhythm Love’ on the other hand places more weight into its drum machine core! Both cuts evoke the warrior party spirit within us soon to be awoken after two years of anxious uncertainty. – EH


Baba Ayoola

(Brownswood Recordings)


Double A-side 12” em>Baba Ayoola brings together a pair of superlative works from eight-piece collective KOKOROKO. Known for their ability to meet forward
motion with impeccably balanced musicianship, the phrasing on both tracks keeps the grooves fleshed out and decidedly uncrowded, as brass, keys, vocals,
percussion, bass and some washed out guitar all find their space in the mix. A two-part homage of sorts, Baba Ayoola celebrates the life of saxophonist Cassie
Kinoshi’s grandfather, and the flipside ‘Carry Me Home’ takes inspiration from Afrobeat musician and educator, Dele Sosimi. – JH

Sharon Van Etten

‘Let Go’ / ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’

(Mondo / Jagjaguwar)


Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Let Go’ — originally recorded for a documentary tracing artist Matt Furie’s reaction to his Pepe The Frog creation being co-opted by alt-right — gets a limited edition vinyl release courtesy of Mondo and Jagjaguwar. The 7” also features a typically heart rending rendition of Daniel Johnston’s ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’. Overall, the 7” is an astute reminder of Van Etten’s mastery of emotionally brutal indie rock. — LR

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory

Sixteen artists’ direct-to-lathe live cuts collected on Together: Heart n Soul

With tracks by Dennis Bovell, Sampa The Great, Terri Walker, Madison McFerrin, Joel Culpepper, and more.

A new compilation of live performances by 16 artists cut direct-to-lathe, called Together: Heart n Soul, is being released via The Vinyl Factory / Heart n Soul / Soho Radio.

The tracks were recorded and cut during Soho Radio’s Vinyl Sessions, at its Great Windmill street studio between 2017 through 2019. Over 100 performances took place during this time, with 16 selected for the compilation.

Together: Heart n Soul features Kay Young, Joel Culpepper, Sampa The Great, Terri Walker, Skinny Pelembe, Alexis Taylor, Hejira, Poppy Ajudha, Madison McFerrin, Native Dancer, Ruben Fox, Dennis Bovell, Rueben James, McNasty, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, and Planet Battagon.

Half of the proceeds will be donated to arts charity, Heart n Soul – an organisation that believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible.

Pre-order Together: Heart n Soul here in advance of its 29th July release, check out the tracklist, and artwork below.


Side A

1. Kay Young – Going Through
2. Joel Culpepper – Sheriff
3. Sampa The Great – Leading Us Home
4. Terri Walker – The Key

Side B

1. Skinny Pelembe – Toy Shooter
2. Alexis Taylor – I Feel You/ All Is Not Lost
3. Hejira – Thread Of Gold
4. Poppy Ajudha – Black Joy. Black Peace. Black Justice

Side C

1. Madison McFerrin – Know You Better
2. Native Dancer – Currents
3: Ruben Fox – Anansi’s Waltz
4: Dennis Bovell – Choose Me

Side D

1: Reuben James – BBQ Energy )
2: MckNasty – Kemet
3: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Last Revolutionary
4: Planet Battagon – Inside Out

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory

Listen to a new 96 Back mix on Helfetica’s Worldwide FM show

Plus fresh tracks from DJ Stingray 313, TSHA, Loraine James, Scotch Rolex, and more.

Sheffield-via-Manchester producer 96 Back has shared a new mix on Helfetica’s latest Worldwide FM show.

Delving into the inspirations behind 9696 Dream, which was released on Local Action earlier this year, the hour long mix features ethereal tunes alongside originals and samples.

The show also includes music from TSHA, Loraine James, Scotch Rolex, DJ Stingray 313, Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone, Cameo Blush, and more, plus an interview with 96 Back.

Listen to the show above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Scotch Rolex – Nfula Biswa [Hakuna Kulala]
2. DJ Stingray 313 – Carbon Neutral Fuels [Micron Audio]
3. DJ Stingray 313 – Disinformation [Presto?!]
4. Jossy Mitsu – Turismo [Astral Black]
5. Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone – All The Time [Banoffee Pies White Label Series]
6. Skee Mask – Crosssection [Ilian Tape]
7. Cameo Blush – Lucky [Scarlet Tiger]
8. Shire T – Blue Kiss [DAMA DAMA]
9. TSHA – OnlyL [Ninja Tune]
10. 96 Back – 9696 Dream [Local Action]
11. Barker – E7-E5 [Ostgut Ton]
12. 96 Back – A Collage Of A Tender Voice [Self-released]
13. Loraine James featuring Xzavier Stone – Built To Last [Hyperdub]
14. Loraine James featuring Le3 bLack – Black Ting [Hyperdub]

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory

Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (25th June)

UK future soul, Hawaiian psych, Indian disco, and more.

This week’s rundown is by Vinyl Factory’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Alice Whittington, James Hammond, and Emily Hill.




(Forever Living Originals)


UK future soul enigmas SAULT follow-up their albums Untitled (Black Is) and Untitled (Rise) – our favourite records of 2020 – with Nine. Available for 99 days only, Nine features cameos from Little Simz and Michael Ofo. As with SAULT’S previous releases, despite being uncredited, the album is once again lead by the unmistakable and bewitching vocals of Cleo Sol throughout, while also incorporating boom bap and jazz influences throughout. – GH

Various Artists

Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance and Electronic Music 1983-1992

(Naya Beat Records)


Finally we are getting to see a side of South Asian music from the ’80s and early ’90s that is so often overlooked. This compilation showcases a mind-blowing fusion of traditional Asian instruments and styles created with the early influx of electronic hardware. Think sitars and tabla laid over drum machines and vintage synthesizers, as well as the influence of American pop culture resulting in tracks such as ‘Chipko Chipko’ (a cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’), or even Latin elements like the cuica making a fleeting cameo in Musarrat’s saxophone-heavy ballad. Covering an array of styles in just 13 tracks, it’s hard to choose a favourite, but I’ve had the funk-drenched ‘Sabko Maloom Hain Main Sharabi Nahin’ – with its piercing shehnai riff – on repeat since I first heard it. – AW



(Mexican Summer)


Brooklyn-born and raised musician L’Rain finds balance in her latest album, Fatigue. Across 14 tracks, she narrates a journey through the exhaustive questions we find ourselves faced with – channelling grief, pain, and asking how it’s possible to really change in the face of adversity. Fatigue sees the evolution of L’Rain’s vocals, filled with velvety warmth, folding effortlessly against the complicated melodies, and shining particularly vibrantly on ‘Blame Me’. Elsewhere, ‘Two Face’ leans into contemporary composition, it’s bright and exuberant while also maintaining an underlying sadness. Fatigue exists as a triumphant poem that allows people to truly empathise with a spectrum of emotions. – EH


How much time it is between you and me?

(Smalltown Supersound)


Perila unveils her debut album, How much time it is between you and me?, on Smalltown Supersound. Continuing to craft the experimental soundscape she’s become known for, How much time it is between you and me? fuses elements of ambient, musique concrète, and drone. A transportative album that imagines a strange world housing haunted orchids, concrete air, and sickly angels.

Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek


(Catapulte Records / Les Disques Bongo Joe)


Hankering for some new age Turkish psych-pop? Look no further than DOST 1. On the album, Turkish singer Derya Yıldırım draws upon her heritage in Anatolian folk, while Grup Şimşek provides a contemporary backdrop of jazz and psychedelia. The distinctive of sound of the bağlama (Turkish lute) played by Yıldırım permeates the record, while a vintage organ lends an almost melancholic gospel feel to ballads such as ‘Haydar Haydar’. Top pick: the hauntingly beautiful ‘Hastane Önü’. – AW

Eli Keszler




Known for compositional techniques that take field recordings as foundations to build upon or extrapolate musically, Eli Keszler’s work manages to interlock
percussion with an impressionistic idea of soundscape. True to this approach his latest LP Icons responds to the expanded acoustic horizon that lockdown brought to the streets of Manhattan throughout 2020. As blueprints, Keszler’s night recordings of his local neighbourhoods are transformed here into patterns of fluxing electroacoustic sounds and melodic percussion. – JH

Kevin Richard Martin

Return to Solaris

(Phantom Limb)


Kevin Richard Martin, aka The Bug, re-scores Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 film Solaris on new album Return to Solaris. Tapping into themes of memory, dystopia, and nostalgia, Martin crafts dense drone-scapes designed to unsettle. Within his leaden fog of electronics, Martin also weaves through noise and distortion to infuse the album with an anxious intensity that verges on the claustrophobic. – LR

Eddie Suzuki New Hawaii

High Tide

(Aloha Got Soul)


Halcyon Hawaiian crooner, musician, and composer Eddie Suzuki’s 1973 LP High Tide receives a loving reissue from Aloha Got Soul. Described by the label as a celebration of “Hawaii’s warmth and spirit”, its 12-tracks mix Hawaiian instrumentals with seventies psychedelia and pop. Lead by Suzuki on vocals, Hammond organ, and arp synthesizer, the albumm also features Laurence Harada on guitar, Nani Kuaiwa on vocals, Gary Fittro on drums, and John Schulmeister on bass. Put High Tide on, close your eyes, inhale deeply, and teleport yourself directly to a hammock swinging in the breeze between two palm trees in Honololu. – GH


Cucina Povera


(Offen Music)


Touted as “wavy grave rave for a better tomorrow”, Seesteyttää comes as Finnish sound artist Maria Rossi’s latest solo release under the Cucina Povera moniker. With these four tracks, “wavy grave rave” seemingly translates as voice, synthesizer, and glockenspiel locked into Rossi’s distinct form of ambient mantra. A spacious, unhurried approach makes this set a more than appropriate choice to kick back to. – JH

J. Albert


(369 Records)


NYC based Florida native J.Albert aka Jiovanni Nadal presents three dance-floor cuts for LQQK Studios 369 Records imprint. Known for his club-excursions and co-label-headership of Exotic Dance Records with Person of Interest, Nadal has sonically travelled through all elements of dance music to land in the realms of off-kilter electro, playing on influences from garage to the weighty side of techno. This tech-y edge can be seen in ‘Knock Knock’ whilst ‘Copal’ switches up into this magnificent tune with all the swooshing elements of a rave classic. The EP ends on ‘Fully Torqued’, a dubbed-out two step stepper. – EH

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