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CTM sound now available in a light, convenient and powerful TWS

ORLANDO, FL, October 5th 2020 Inspired by the idea of taking the brand’s well known professional sound to a more daily lifestyle, Clear Tune Monitors has created a set of True Wireless Earphones delivering excellent sound quality and functionality in a discrete, comfortable, smart package.

CTM’s Explore P2 launches into the market late October, in a versatile wireless earbuds solution that reproduces high fidelity music for 30 hours, thanks to a 6 hr streaming music battery life and 4 additional charges in the charging case. Additionally, the Explore P2 offers generous wireless freedom via a BT 5.0 range of action of 50 feet.

The ergonomic fit of the Explore P2 earphones ensures comfort throughout prolonged periods whether streaming music, enjoying video, or providing personal digital communications such as calls, video calls, and voice notes.

The Explore P2 also features a multi-function button to easily control everything that’s happening, from music to the personal digital assistant (depending on the operating system of the user’s phone).

Some of the Explore P2’s specs are:

  • Light weight.
  • Snug, comfort fit.
  • 3 sets of soft silicone tips (S, M, L)
  • 6 mm full frequency dynamic driver
  • Deep, powerful bass.
  • Clear sound with frequency response of 20-20kHz.
  • IPX6 (water resistant).
  • Multi-function button.
  • Incorporated mic (both earpieces).
  • Long lasting 50 mAh battery (6 hours of continuous playback).
  • Charging case 700mAh (Holds 4 extra charges).
  • Charge time 1-2 hours

In addition, the Explore P2 offers great features such as:

  • Music / Phone Call Control
  • Quick access to voice assistant.
  • Instant pairing (after the first setting)
  • Individual use (Different tasks for each earpiece)
  • Dimensions: 27x18x15mm

Price and Availability:

The Explore P2 will be available for purchase in late October 2020 at and various retail outlets, including See for details.
Retail price: $79.99 USD

About Clear Tune Monitors

Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) is an Orlando, FL-based designer and manufacturer of audiophile-grade in-ear Monitors for professional musicians, mixing engineers, and demanding music-lovers who consider rock-solid sonics to be an essential part of any listening experience. President and founder Cesar Milano is a former professional musician and sound engineer producer who established CTM in 2010 to satisfy the needs of listeners who believe that exceptional audio should be available at reasonable prices.
For further information please visit:


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AUDEZE Oktoberfest Barrel Aged Sale


GET UP TO 50% OFF!In honor of Oktoberfest, we’ve raided our cellars to bring you this special “New Old Stock” LCD sale! From now through October 25th at 11:59pm, save up to 50% on select LCD headphones including the only remaining LCD-XCs with Bubinga wood cups! These products have never been previously owned, though some may have older features or accessories. All of them have been thoroughly tested and come with our standard manufacturer warranty!

LCD-i4 (New w/ Leather Carry Case, no BT/CIPHER)

Was: $2,495
 NOW: $1,195

LCD-4 (200 ohms, Suspension Headband w/ Travel Case)

Was: $3,995

LCD-X (Suspension Headband w/ Travel Case)

Was: $1,699
 NOW: $999

LCD-XC Bubinga (Suspension Headband w/ Travel Case)

Was: $1,799

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PSB Brings Decades of Speaker Expertise to Compact Powered Speakers

Two Affordable Active Monitors, Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5, Built on Success of Highly Acclaimed Alpha Series

PICKERING, ONTARIO, CANADA OCTOBER 14, 2020 -– PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced the immediate availability of two new affordable compact,  powered speakers, the Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5. The new models are founded on PSB’s almost 50 years of critically acclaimed speaker design expertise and the award-winning Alpha P3 and P5 introduced last year. The Alpha AM3 ($399/pr U.S. MSRP) and Alpha AM5 ($599/pr) are offered in a choice of Matte White or Matte Black finish.

PSB Alpha AM5 and AM3 in Black, Grilles On and Off
PSB Alpha AM5 and AM3 in Black, Grilles On and Off

Versatile Design

The Alpha AM3 and AM5 active monitors are effortless to setup and use and can serve as the foundation of a compact, home entertainment system. There’s no amplifier to hook up or apps to download. Stream and listen to your favorite music with aptX™ Bluetooth from your mobile devices – simply pair and play. Connect to your computer or TV for room-filling, crystal clear, natural sound. Both models even feature several sound modes allowing you to accentuate dialog, soundstage and more. Vinyl lovers will appreciate the dedicated RCA phono input. Where desired, use the sub output to add a subwoofer for even deeper bass. The flexible design of these Alpha active monitors makes them perfectly suited for desktop, bookshelf or stand-mount placement.

Alpha AM5 in White without Grilles
Alpha AM5 in White without Grilles

Matched Components / Unmatched Performance

Leveraging amplification expertise from our sister brands provided the PSB design team the considerable advantage of designing a speaker for a known amplifier. Add the power of DSP and suddenly the frequency response, bass extension and total output are optimized to a remarkable level of performance for such compact speakers. Where desired, it is easy to utilize the sub output to add a subwoofer, for even deeper bass. Exceptionally few powered speakers share intellectual resources of this magnitude, making the Alpha AM5 and Alpha AM3 standouts in the crowd of powered speakers.

Rear of Alpha AM3 in White
Rear of Alpha AM3 in White

With similar designs, the differences between the Alpha AM5 and AM3 can primarily be found in the size of the cabinet, the amount of amplifier power and the size of the woofer. Using PSB’s proprietary Alpha drivers, the AM5 features a 5.25” woofer with textured polypropylene cone and a 50W x 2 amplifier. The AM3 utilizes a 4” woofer and a 35W x 2 amp. Both utilize a ¾” aluminum dome tweeter with Neodymium magnet and feature acoustically-transparent detachable magnetic grilles.

“Beyond the Alpha AM’s compact size, affordability and versatility of application is a sonic performance that clearly lives up to the PSB heritage, commented Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for PSB Speakers. “Like all PSB speakers, final voicing was performed by Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, at Canada’s famed National Research Council.”

Key Features of the Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5:

Qualcomm® aptX™ Bluetooth
Dedicated RCA Phono Input
3.5 mm Analog Input
Optical Input
USB Power Jack
IR Remote Control
Subwoofer Output

About PSB Speakers

Since 1972, Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, has been cementing his legacy as an expert in designing and building high-fidelity speakers that incorporate scientific principles in psychoacoustics. Almost 50 years later and now a strategic part of Lenbrook International’s global portfolio, PSB Speakers’ products are sold in more than 70 markets where the brand sets the standard for “True to Nature” sound and is critically acclaimed for its value-driven and non-fatiguing speaker design. With an expansive suite of products that include audiophile speakers, ANC headphones, powerful and musical subwoofers, and a family of installed speaker solutions, PSB Speakers is designed and built to bring life to recorded music at world class levels.






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Grado Introduces The GT220 True Wireless Earbuds

GT220 will begin shipping October 15th, Pre-orders now being taken…

NEW YORK – OCTOBER 12, 2020 is proud to announce the release of Grado Labs’ all new GT220 True Wireless Stereo earbuds. The unconventional Brooklyn based audio manufacturer has wielded its more than 65 years of know-how to deliver a perfectly tuned offering to the worldwide market.

Grado Labs GT220 True Wireless Stereo earbuds

The audio quality sets the GT220 apart from other products in this category. It uses an 8mm Dynamic Driver to deliver rich accurate bass, detailed midrange and clear precise treble, resulting in a user experience second to none. Grado wants you to hear the music as the recording engineer intended it, true and natural, nothing artificial. 

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) means the two earbuds communicate with the audio source, and with each other, through a Bluetooth connection. The GT220 incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 as well as aptX, AAC and SBC codecs, making it possible to connect with a wide range of devices. When paired with your smart phone the GT220 makes it easy to make and control phone calls via the touch control system on the earbud. The left bud gives you touch control of phone and voice functions, and all music playback is controlled by the right.

Grado Labs GT220 True Wireless Stereo earbuds

The GT220 has a twist to lock form to ensure a secure fit and quality sound every time. The earbuds weigh only 5 grams each making them comfortable for long listening sessions. The product ships with three different silicon ear-tips for guaranteed comfort in different ear sizes and shapes. With an impressive 6 hour battery life, and an additional 30 hours of charge stored in the case, the GT220 is ready for the long haul. The storage/charging case offers industry standard Qi wireless charging along with USB-C connectivity.

A favorite of audiophiles, Grado Labs has held a special place in the music technology industry by holding true to their ‘boutique’ hand-assembled design philosophy. The new GT220 True Wireless earbuds make Grado accessible to a broader audience.

Grado Labs GT220 True Wireless Stereo earbuds

The GT220 may be pre-ordered now for $259 with shipping expected to begin October 15, at
About is the official home of Grado products. Through 4OurEars, music lovers can purchase authorized, warrantied Grado headphones and phono cartridges as well as kindred products from Schiit Audio, Astell&Kern and soon Technics turntables. 4OurEars is the only authorized Amazon reseller of Grado products in the United States.

Twitter: @4ourears

Facebook: @4ourears 

Instagram: @4ourears

Contact: [email protected]

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iFi serves up micro iDSD Signature dish

 Sporting a host of enhancements both inside and out, one of the most highly acclaimed hi-res DAC/headphone amps on the planet just got even better – meet the micro iDSD Signature

Southport, England –iFi audio, the acclaimed maker of audio devices for home and portable use, has redesigned one of its most popular products to create the micro iDSD Signature, delivering a host of improvements to enhance performance and usability.

Since launching in 2017 as an upgraded version of the original micro iDSD, the micro iDSD Black Label has been iFi’s top-of-the-range battery-powered DAC/headphone amp. The new Signature edition builds on its predecessor’s reputation for exceptional sound quality and versatility with enhanced circuitry in critical areas and a new 4.4mm Pentaconn headphone output, among other upgrades.

The new model is housed in the same 177x67x28mm extruded aluminium enclosure as the Black Label version, as all products in iFi’s longstanding ‘micro’ range have been. But, rather than black, the micro iDSD Signature sports a Space Blue finish – a new colour reserved for ‘Signature’ versions of some of iFi’s most popular products, of which there will be more in the months to come.

Although powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, the micro iDSD Signature is more of a desktop-sized device than pocket-sized one – a transportable DAC/headphone amp that can easily be moved around without requiring a mains socket. Being battery-powered gives it a performance advantage over mains-powered products, too – ultra-clean and stable DC power, negating the issues that can be introduced by AC mains electricity with its dips, spikes and noise-inducing RFI/EMI pollution.

The battery delivers 6-12 hours of playing time, depending on the type of headphones connected and the performance mode engaged. If the battery runs low whilst in use, it can be plugged into a power source to charge and play at the same time.

Digital engine

The micro iDSD Signature’s ‘digital engine’ is based around a Burr-Brown DAC chip that iFi uses extensively, selected for its natural-sounding ‘musicality’ and True Native architecture. Here, as with the previous Black Label version, two of these DAC chips are installed in a custom ‘interleaved’ configuration. This enables four pairs of differential signals – two pairs per channel – which lowers the noise floor, improves channel separation and enhances the DAC’s ability to resolve fine musical detail and micro-dynamics.

iFi micro iDSD Signature

Hi-res audio support is state-of-the-art, handling PCM data to 32-bit/768kHz, all levels of DSD up to DSD512, and single- and double-speed DXD. MQA ­– the hi-res streaming codec, as used by Tidal’s ‘Masters’ tier – is also supported. Thanks to the Burr-Brown chip’s True Native design, PCM and DSD take separate pathways – this enables DSD, as well as PCM, to remain ‘bit-perfect’ in its native form right through to analogue conversion. This is often not the case with DAC devices from other brands.

Extensive jitter-eradication technologies are applied to the digital engine, including iFi’s GMT (Global Master Timing) femto-precision clock and intelligent memory buffer. The micro iDSD Signature also comes with iFi’s GTO (Gibbs Transient Optimized) digital filter installed; alternative digital filters can be loaded as firmware updates if preferred.

Circuit training

The outgoing micro iDSD Black Label’s amp stage remains widely recognised as the finest available in any battery-powered portable DAC/headphone amp, able to drive all manner of headphones with aplomb, from highly sensitive in-ear monitors to current-hungry planar headphones. For the new Signature version, the circuitry has been fine-tuned – it still delivers the same prodigious power (up to 4100mW) and dynamic ability, but the signal path has been refined to maximise sonic texture and detail.

High-quality components are used throughout the micro iDSD Signature’s circuitry, utilising its larger form factor in comparison to pocket-sized DAC/amps. Custom ultra-low-distortion op-amps feature in both the digital and analogue stages (part numbers OV2028 and OV2627 respectively), together with a hand-selected range of capacitors including the multilayer ceramic type TDK C0G, polyphenylene sulphide film type Panasonic ECPU and aluminium-polymer solid type Panasonic OS-CON. MELF thin-film resistors and inductors from Taiyo Yuden and Murata also feature in the circuit design.

These are all more costly then components, but class-leading qualities such as low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), high stability and low distortion pay great dividends in terms of sound quality. Many hours of listening tests, alongside rigorous analysis in the lab, has determined the optimum circuit design to deliver maximum musical enjoyment.

 An important aspect of the circuit design is its direct-coupled nature – no coupling capacitor is present. This is achieved without a conventionally applied DC servo; iFi calls this design Direct Drive Servoless.

iFi micro iDSD Signature

Versatile sonic tailoring

With the huge variety of headphones and digital music platforms available, all with different technical characteristics, the ‘one size fits all’ approach offered by many DAC/headphone amp manufacturers fails to deliver the versatility many users require to make the most of their music. iFi designs its products to be more flexible, delivering precision sonic tailoring via switchable settings to match any headphone set-up, the variation in quality of digital audio files and, of course, personal taste – the micro iDSD Signature offers this versatility in spades.

The digital stage benefits from a variety of filter settings: ‘Standard’, ‘Minimum Phase’ and ‘Bit-Perfect’ for PCM files, and ‘Standard Bandwidth’, ‘Extended Bandwidth’ and ‘Extreme Bandwidth’ for DSD. The amp stage also has three settings to adjust power and gain: ‘Normal’, ‘Turbo’ (ramps up the level of drive for current-hungry headphones) and ‘Eco’ (dials down the power to suit high-sensitivity in-ear monitors and/or extend battery life).

Further optimisation for sensitive in-ear monitors – an area of weakness for many DAC/amps – is supplied via iFi’s IEMatch technology, which adjusts the output level to suit. Once engaged, two levels of IEMatch are available ­– ‘High Sensitivity’ and ‘Ultra Sensitivity’.

Those familiar with iFi headphone amps will recognise the company’s XBass+ and 3D+ settings. These proprietary circuits have been performance-tuned for the micro iDSD Signature and may be switched in or out according taste, fine-tuning the sound in the analogue domain to maintain sonic purity. XBass+ adjusts frequency response to enhance low frequencies – useful with ‘bass-light’ headphones, such as some open-back designs. 3D+ compensates for the ‘in-head localisation’ effect that often occurs when using headphones to listen to music that was mixed using a pair of speakers, effectively widening the headphone soundstage to deliver a more speaker-like experience.

Get connected

At the back of the chassis lie two digital audio inputs: USB Type A and an S/PDIF socket that accepts both electrical and optical signals, the former via a 3.5mm connector and the latter via a supplied adapter.

Unusually, the Type A USB input features a ‘male’ connector, rather than a typical ‘female’ port. This arrangement provides greater mechanical integrity than the USB/Micro USB ports commonly found on DAC/headphone amps from other manufacturers. It also offers an advantage to users of iPhones and iPads with Lightning ports, because it accepts Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter directly without requiring an additional female-to-male USB adaptor. 

iFi micro iDSD Signature

Between the digital inputs reside a pair of RCA analogue outputs – the micro iDSD Signature can be connected to a pair of powered speakers, or a power amp and passive speakers, to act as a DAC and preamplifier. When used in this mode, a different version of iFi’s 3D+ analogue signal processing may be engaged if desired, specifically designed to create a more spacious soundstage with speakers rather than headphones. Whether in preamp mode or driving a pair of headphones, volume is controlled by a precision analogue potentiometer delivering the quality expected of full-size hi-fi equipment.

On the front panel, beside the volume knob and XBass+ and 3D+ switches, are a pair of headphone outputs – a 6.3mm output for headphones that have a standard single-ended connector (headphones with a 3.5mm jack can be connected using an adapter) and a 4.4mm Pentaconn output for headphones offering balanced connection. An increasing number of high-quality headphones and in-ear monitors either come so equipped or give the option of detaching the cable and upgrading to a 4.4mm Pentaconn connector – this output makes the most of them.

Both headphone outputs utilise iFi’s ‘S-Balanced’ output circuitry, delivering the sonic benefits associated with balanced connections with all headphone/earphone types – even those with single-ended connectors – cutting crosstalk and associated distortion in half.


While the most obvious changes from the previous Black Label version of the micro iDSD are the fine-tuned audio circuitry, the 4.4mm Pentaconn headphone output and the new Space Blue finish, numerous other enhancements have been applied to the new Signature edition.

The faceplates at the front and rear have been trimmed for a sleeker look, with a redesigned volume knob and new switches for XBass+/3D+. A multi-coloured LED to indicate the sampling frequency of the music being played is now also sited on the front panel, while the IEMatch control has been moved from underneath the unit to the side.

A USB-C charging port now resides on the right-hand side, next to a new battery status indicator.  Damping feet now adorn the underside of the unit, too – it all adds up to a range of improvements that make this the best-ever version of iFi’s much-lauded micro iDSD.

The iFi micro iDSD Signature is available later this month from selected retailers, at an RRP of £649, (€699, US$649). Only a limited number will be made, so those wishing to get hold of the Signature edition of iFi’s landmark transportable DAC/headphone amp should act fast to avoid disappointment.

iFi micro iDSD Signature


iFi is the sister-brand of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) and is headquartered in Southport, UK. The two brands respectively design and manufacture portable, desktop and lifestyle audio products and high-end hi-fi components. Combined in-house hardware and software development teams and a ‘music first’ approach enable iFi and AMR to create advanced audio products that deliver new levels of design, functionality and performance at their respective price points. Since iFi’s formation in 2012, its products have earned many awards around the world, helping it to become one of the fastest-growing brands in its field.

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Lenbrook Americas Launches DALI OBERON C Wireless Hi-Fi Made Easy and Affordable

Oberon C wireless active speakers and SOUND HUB COMPACT audio preamplifier couple simplicity of installation and operation with audiophile sound quality 

PICKERING, ONTARIO, CANADA, OCTOBER 6, 2020 – Lenbrook Americas today launched the DALI OBERON CSeries, DALI’s most affordable smart speaker system, bringing wireless active Hi-Fi within the reach of many more music lovers and audiophiles. 

The OBERON C Series features the floorstanding OBERON 7 C ($2,499/pr US MSRP), compact, stand or shelf-mount OBERON 1 C ($1,499/pr US MSRP), the compact, low profile wall-mount OBERON ON-WALL C ($899/ea US MSRP) and the SOUND HUB COMPACT ($449 US MSRP) and will be available for sale in November 2020.

(Left to Right) OBERON C Models 7 C,  1 C, ON-WALL C and SOUND HUB COMPACT
(Left to Right) OBERON C Models 7 C,  1 C, ON-WALL C and SOUND HUB COMPACT

DALI OBERON C is the active counterpart to the brand’s popular OBERON Series, sharing the same drivers and cabinet construction, while providing a new SOUND HUB COMPACT wireless transmission preamplifier perfectly configured for contemporary home media installations where Bluetooth devices and smart TVs are the primary audio source.

All three two-way OBERON C speakers incorporate a wireless streaming interface, digital signal processing (DSP) and a pair of 50-Watt Class D power amplifiers – one for bass/midrange driver(s) and one for the high frequency driver – in a module located on their rear panels.

Rear Panel of the OBERON 7C
Rear Panel of the OBERON 7C

To fit into a wide range of décor, the speaker models are available in choice of four high quality laminate cabinet finishes and supplied with a contrasting gray fabric: Matt White, Light Oak, Dark Walnut and Black Ash. Use of the grille is optional.

Complementing the acclaimed DALI RUBICON C and CALLISTO Series active loudspeakers, OBERON  C provides a more cost-effective, plug, pair and play wireless Hi-Fi solution. To maximize enjoyment, priority was given to ease of setup and simplicity of operation.

DALI On-Wall C - A slim, discreet and remarkably powerful on-wall speaker system
DALI On-Wall C – A slim, discreet and remarkably powerful on-wall speaker system

At the heart of the system, the DALI SOUND HUB COMPACT brings true no-compromise convenience to music and movie lovers. It transmits Hi-Res audio in true HD quality (24bit/96KHz) to the OBERON C speakers while the user takes control of the hub via its supplied infrared remote control or user’s audio source. The DALI SOUND HUB COMPACT will automatically switch to whichever source is connected and can be hidden out of sight, if so desired, as the remote control connects via Bluetooth. The SOUND HUB COMPACT Bluetooth input features AAC and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio high performance codecs and enables smartphones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers, or any other Bluetooth audio source to easily and quickly play either locally stored or streamed music. Even Bluetooth-equipped TVs can be connected via HDMI to create a completely wireless TV audio solution.


For optimum system flexibility and integration, the OBERON C Series speakers are also compatible with the DALI SOUND HUB wireless audio preamplifier originally introduced in the CALLISTO  and RUBICON C Series. In addition to providing Bluetooth and a variety of wired audio inputs, the SOUND HUB is equipped with facilities for future expansion and upgrade. For example, with its optional NPM-1 BluOS module installed, the SOUND HUB can provide all the benefits of BluOS™, the original hi-res multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, with support for audio streams up to 24/192. Integrations with many popular streaming music services like Tidal, Qobuz, and Spotify as well as featuring support for FLAC, WAV, MQA, and other high-resolution formats and codecs, BluOS offers virtually unlimited access to music of all genres for any occasion. Made up of an operating system and a control application for smartphones, tablets, and PC desktops, BluOS is the ultimate choice for the modern audiophile.


“The OBERON C and SOUND HUB COMPACT enhance DALI’s traditional speaker technology that the brand has made famous with an entirely new perspective on how to make great-sounding speakers for the modern lifestyle,” commented Jeff Earl, DALI Product Manager for Lenbrook Americas. “In addition to OBERON C’s simple setup, ease of operation and superb sound, the SOUND HUB Compact offers a more affordable wireless Hi-Fi option. For the best performance and experience, pairing OBERON C to the compatible DALI SOUND HUB and NPM-1 BluOS Module turns it into a high-res (24-bit/192kHz), streaming, multi-room audio system.“

OBERON 7 C in Black
OBERON 7 C in Black


  • SMC Technology the OBERON C bass/mid drivers benefit from patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) in the pole piece. The result is an extremely agile, linear woofer with a significant reduction of distortion from mechanical loss.
  • Driver Technology The low-mass DALI Bass/Mid-Bass wood fiber cones are optimized to work in perfect balance with the built-in amplifier. High frequencies are handled by an ultra-lightweight 29mm soft dome tweeter
  • Class D Amplifier – the OBERON C Class D amplifier is based on patented state-of-the-art technology with a global feedback and self-oscillating design. Chosen for its very musical properties there’s plenty of power even in complex musical passages or massive movie explosions.
  • SOUND HUB COMPACT is a wireless audio preamplifier that is compatible and interchangeable with  DALI’s CALLISTO, RUBICON C and OBERON C systems.
  • Cabinet Finishes choice of four quality laminate finishes in Matt White, Light Oak, Dark Walnut and Black Ash                                               

About DALI

DALI, (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries), was established in 1983, and grew out of Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain. Now distributed in 65 countries, and with more than 35 years of experience and global recognition, DALI holds unwavering dedication to sound that has advanced the state of the art, inspiring music and cinema lovers and challenging the competition to catch up. DALI is driven by raw passion for music and an honest reproduction in the domestic environment. Continuous development and refinement of new technologies remains core to DALI’s quest to create the best loudspeakers in the world. For more information, visit

About Lenbrook

The Lenbrook Group of Companies is a privately held Canadian corporation who are the owners of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers and Bluesound. Formed in 1978, Lenbrook initially was a national distributor of electronics and communications products in Canada and has grown to become a leading global supplier to over 80 countries around the world.

Lenbrook Americas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenbrook International, is responsible for the sales and marketing of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound and DALI in both the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, it also distributes Tivoli Audio and Master & Dynamic in Canada.

DALI Website:

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Dan Clark Audio Launches New ETHER 2 System

Introducing the new Ether 2 System

The ETHER 2 headphone was introduced by Dan Clark Audio, then MrSpeakers, in October of 2018. They were Immediately lauded by audio reviewers around the world for it’s smooth tone, incredible detail, and remarkable comfort, and went on to garner many headphone-of-the-year awards.

 “When factoring in their $2000 price while most competitors ask two to three times for their offerings, which puts the Ether 2 in a league of its own.”

 Scott Lombardo, Enjoy the Music

 ETHER 2 supports 3 different ear pads each offering a unique sound and comfort experience. 

That means ETHER 2 is one headphone but has 3 distinct voices. We’ve decided to update the ETHER 2 to include all 3 ear pads and are calling it the ETHER 2 System. For current owners who’d like to try this out we have a package of the perforated and suede ear pads at a reduced price.

 The great part is you can peel the pads off and change them anytime.

 So what’s the effect on the sound? With the stock earpad as the reference, the suede pad is offers a little more output in the bass region and a little more sparkle on top, while the perforated pads deliver the largest soundstage and increase relative bass and treble for a more fun and lively voicing. The stock earpads put the midrange a bit further forward compared to the perforated and suede pads.

 Fun tip: we usually have a favorite that’s on 75% of the time and swap for fun or specific music.

 ETHER 2 System will be $2,299.99, and is available now at an introductory price of $2,199.99 through October, 2020.

ETHER 2 Ear Pad Comparison

A close up of a screen

Description automatically generated

As can be seen, the original ear pad (blue) offers the most forward midrange, while the suede pads (green) deliver a somewhat warmer bottom-end and a little additional sparkle up top. The perforated pads, red, deliver the strongest relative bass and treble for a more “fun” tone.

 The optional ear pads are $89.95 per pair.

 We will of course still offer the Ether 2 with one update: the default pad will be the perforated ear pad.

 ETHER 2 owners can experience all three ear pads with our perforated and suede pad bundle for only $119.99, a savings of $60.00 vs purchased a la cart and $50 off the normal price of $169.99, prices valid through October, 2020.

 “And now with this new package, you don’t just get one world class reference headphone, but three with a profile to match pretty much any listener.”

 Gary Alan Barker, Headphone Guru

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Bluesound Greatly Improves Bass Options With Powered PULSE SUB+


Deep Bass, Wireless Connectivity, Endless Applications Makes It Easier Than Ever to ‘Just Add Bass’

PICKERING, ONTARIO, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – Bluesound, makers of the award-winning hi-res wireless multi-room line of audio players, announced the PULSE SUB+, an all-new subwoofer addition to the brand’s high-performance ecosystem. The SUB+ adds deep bass to any wireless or wired Bluesound system and features the convenience of precision app control. The new Bluesound model builds on everything the original PULSE SUB offered and takes it to the next level.

The Bluesound PULSE SUB+ ($749 U.S. MSRP) is offered in a choice of Black or White finish and is configurable to a wide range of applications. For ease of installation, it comes supplied with a wall mount bracket and magnetic rubber feet. Available to pre-order now, the SUB+ will begin shipping in late October 2020.   

Bluesound PULSE SUB+

Like the rest of the Bluesound product family, the PULSE SUB+ is a from-scratch design, created to combine practicality and performance in one elegant product. An 8” long-throw woofer and 150W Smart Amplifier with DSP delivers low frequencies to a deep 22Hz. Acoustically, the design approach is true to the brand’s musically-inclined HiFi heritage and results in a tight, quick, musical subwoofer, equally well suited for music or home theater.

Bluesound aimed for maximum output from minimal size (18” W X 11.8” H X 5.75”D) to blend into any room application and any décor, staying true to the belief that a subwoofer doesn’t have to be either large or imposing. This design philosophy results in a sleek, compact, and versatile product that promises to satisfy in both performance and aesthetics.


Bluesound designed it to be simple and it starts by using the BluOS Controller app to quickly setup and pair the SUB+ with any Bluesound product. With BluOS onboard, the user benefits from simple and intuitive app controls for volume, crossover, and phase adjustment. Easy software control means more options and more precision as users dial in the best settings for their ideal listening experience.


Bluesound believes that a subwoofer doesn’t have to be imposing or inflexible. For placement flexibility, a SUB+ wall mount bracket is included to allow this versatile subwoofer to be located almost anywhere in the room. The magnetic rubber feet can also be used to stand the SUB+ vertically for placement behind or beside a sofa or chair, or it can be placed horizontally underneath a couch or end table. Wireless connectivity and choice of Black or White finish allows an even wider range of décor options.


With its BluOS smarts, the 8” driver, the 150W Smart DSP Amplifier, and the versatility in placement and connection options, the PULSE SUB+ offers a truly meaningful addition to virtually any entertainment setup. With tight, dynamic power and a depth that evokes pure emotion, the SUB+ is an ideal addition for movie and music lovers. For even more bass, add a second SUB+ via the BluOS Controller app and optimize the in-room settings with the advanced audio controls. 

Bluesound PULSE SUB+
Front side of PULSE SUB+ in Black with grille removed

Like all Bluesound PULSE speaker models, the acoustic design and speaker voicing was performed at Canada’s National Research Council by Lenbrook’s renowned speaker design and engineering team.

“At Bluesound, we take pride in the uniqueness and innovation instilled into our products and the PULSE  speakers are no exception”, commented Matt Simmonds, Product Manager for Bluesound. “The SUB+ builds on our original PULSE SUB and takes it to the next level by combining deep bass, wireless convenience and flexible applications and does so at an affordable price.”

Bluesound PULSE SUB+
Back of SUB+ in White

Key Features of the Bluesound PULSE SUB+:

  • 150 WATTS. An all-new 150W Smart DSP Amplifier platform with a custom-designed power supply packs a punch, allowing the SUB+ to play louder and dig deeper, with tighter, more musical control.
  • 8 INCHES. Now boasting an 8” driver, the SUB+ pushes more air and gives the amplifier some more room to maneuver.
  • WIRELESS. A HiFi WiFi subwoofer. No wires, no mess, no hassle.
  • BluOS. The world’s leading hi-res multi-room system connects the SUB+ to any other Bluesound Player, and several BluOS-Enabled Players from NAD Electronics, with precise control in the BluOS app.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE. With a functional compact design meant to work in multiple setups, in any room and any décor, the SUB+ maximises placement flexibility.

About Bluesound

An alliance of audiophiles. We are the designers, engineers and individuals who have spent our lives in the music industry. Our founders helped pioneer HiFi in the 70s – innovation and the pursuit of perfection in audio runs deep in our collective DNA. Bluesound’s sole mission is to create innovative wireless audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-live performance music reproduction possible, utilizing the most advanced, state-of-the-art digital technology.


Corporate Contact

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