Hi-Fi World’s August 2020 Issue

Hi-Fi World's August 2020 issue features your chance to win an English Electric 8switch worth £450. Gear reviews within this issue include the Wharfedale Evo 4.3 loudspeakers, Martin Logan Motion 40i speakers, FiiO K5 Pro Headphone DAC, Chord Electronics 2go and Hugo 2 DAC, SOtM SMS200 Mini Neo Special Edition streamer, Burson Conductor 3 Reference headphone amp, Black Rhodium Operetta 2 interconnects, and a throwback with Technics' old SL-P550 CD player.
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Gryphon Audio Designs Vanta Cable Series

Gryphon Audio Designs has announced their new Vanta Cable Series (from € 2900 to € 23,800). As the top-of-the-line from Gryphon, it is said to be a new evolutionary step in the company's cable production. The Vanta Series consists of speaker cables, power cables, analog interconnects, and digital cables. Utilizing some of the most exclusive materials in terms of the highly unique silver-gold alloy for each individual conductor, they are tightly sealed within a tube of PTFE insulation, which is then surrounded by a braided screen of silver plated copper wires to secure the best possible insulation and transmission of the delicate signal.
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Watch The HiFi Summit Q2 2020 By Joe N Tell

Finally, the audio community now has an excellent high-quality online streaming show resource for 2020 and beyond! The HiFi Summit, produced by Joe N Tell (Joe Mariano), brings modern features that are expected when showcasing the best in high-fidelity audio and home theater gear. Excellent seminars and group chat are joined by questions from viewers within their Lobby Discussion and YouTube live stream.
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Joe (Joe N Tell) Mariano’s HiFi Summit Trade Show

If you want to see a more professional online video streaming featuring hi-fi and audiophile manufacturers, then click on over to the HiFi Summit. Want to watch great seminars to learn about the many great offerings available today to music lovers worldwide? If so, then tune in to to the HiFi Summit. Have you always wanted to attend a HiFi show but couldn't? Well, thanks to Joe N Tell now you can. Their YouTube stream started yesterday and will continue through June 30th featuring many brands of hi-fi, music labels, etc.
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Press Release: audioXpress Is Now Featured On EnjoyTheMusic.com

Combining great articles, projects, and techniques for producing the best in quality audio, audioXpress connects manufacturers and distributors with audio engineers and enthusiasts eager for innovative solutions in sound, acoustic and electronics. Every month, audioXpress combines excellent educational articles on topics including audio electronics, speaker and headphone design, amplifiers (from vacuum tube to Class D), acoustics, practical test and measurement, audio engineering praxis, and standards.
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JBL Announces Their New HDI Loudspeaker Series

Harman, owners of the JBL brand , is now shipping the new JBL HDI Series. The HDI Series is led by the flagship triple 8", 2.5-way HDI-3800 floorstanding loudspeaker, the range also includes the triple 6.5", 2.5-way HDI-3600 floorstanding loudspeaker, the 6.5", 2-way HDI-1600 bookshelf loudspeaker with HDI-FS floor stand accessory, the quad 5.25", 2.5-way HDI-4500 center channel loudspeaker, and the 12", 1000 Wrms HDI-1200P powered subwoofer.
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TBT World Premiere Review! Sound Lab Majestic 545 Full-Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers

The same pair of Sound Lab loudspeakers have been my reference for about 15 years. The reason I acquired them is simple: Back in the day, I heard a pair of Sound Lab A-1's in a friend's large system, and fell in love. To this day, these speakers are the best I've ever heard of any type, as they produce a sonic hologram of the recording that I can visualize with my ears. But I didn't immediately go out and purchase a pair of A-1s. This was not only because they cost much more than I could afford at the time, nor was it because they weighed nearly 200 pounds. It was because of their size. The massive Model A-1's are over 7 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and at their base about two feet deep.
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Audioengine B-Fi Stereo Music Streamer

Audioengine's new B-Fi music streamer ($189) connects to any music system and internet to stream from your favorite music service or directly from your music library using your phone, tablet, or computer. As an upgrade from Audioengine's B1, the new B-Fi uses your home Wi-Fi network for multi-room music streaming and stereo pairing. Simply download the company's companion app and connect to your home Wi-Fi network using an iOS or Android phone or tablet.
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Bowers & Wilkins 702 And 705 Signature Speakers

Signature product launches are rare and special events in Bowers & Wilkins' 54-year history. The company has just announced two new Signature versions of premium loudspeakers, the Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature stand-mounted monitor and 702 Signature floorstanding loudspeaker ($3,999.99 a pair and $6,499.99 a pair respectively). Representing the apex of current Bowers & Wilkins design, a huge amount of care and attention has been paid to improving acoustic performance via an upgraded crossover design, plus carefully crafting the luxurious new cabinet finish.
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AXPONA Worldwide Audio Fest 2020

Due to the Coronavirus, this year's event was rescheduled to AXPONA 2021. JD Events found a way to do an excellent job with their Worldwide Audio Fest, which is a virtual (online) show on Instagram. To quote AXPONA, "The Audio World is alive and thriving! With music lovers staying home around the globe, you can virtually experience what is new in high end audio. In two jam-packed days, over 50 of the world's top audio brands will introduce new products, make announcements and interact. You will discover new ideas and technologies and see what your favorite audio brands are up to. This historic festival is designed to bring positivity and awareness to music enthusiasts across generations around the globe during this time when face to face is not possible." We invite you to visit each brand's Instagram page and enjoy their video presentation.
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