Audiojumble, Tonbridge Oct 2012

The Tonbridge Audiojumble is organised twice a year by John Howes and is now in its 20th year. On October 7th the Angel Leisure centre was filled with 140 stalls each piled high with classic hi-fi, radios, records and all manner of audio goodies. I went along to see what I could find and had to use all the powers at my disposal to avoid bringing home more beautiful kit such as the Beogram 1200 above.

Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2300 receiver, fully working with Beocord 2400 cassette deck for £150

A Brinkman omni directional speaker from Wales

EMI 14A oval driver with lovely green Hammerite chassis

Hørning Agathon, high sensitivity Danish design with a Lowther PM6A silver driver in the front and a PM2C on the back plus internal drivers that can be connected in a multitude of variations, £2,000

AMR's Vincent Luke demonstrated the ifi phono stage with this classic JBE turntable adding a bit of style to proceedings

A nice fully rebuilt Leak Stereo 20 for £695

Apparently not for sale this French Lectron JH 50 would have been a sore temptation

Early Micromegas had reliability issues but this one was still spinning and looking better than the picture suggests, it's a Duo CD3.1 transport for £650

This Nagra III was one of a superb collection on display for visitors to drool over

Nagra IV S

Nagra SN

Nagra SN and transfer unit

This stylish Nakamichi 630 receiver was being sold by Adam Smith for £120

From L-R: Pioneers with lovely fretwork, KEF Concerto and well disguised Lowther Mini Acoustas for a very reasonable £320

They don't make remotes like this anymore, Quad 66, who needs touchscreens?

Quad ESL 57s for £495 can't be bad

Massed Roberts radios

Stentorian T18 drivers, once £3 now £250

Thorens TD124, apparently there was a TD 224 autochanger at Tonbridge too but that one got away

Rare Thorens Type 2.000 S integrated with separate volume and tone controls for each channel

Italian exotica in the form of a VYGER Baltic M with SME 312S

Who needs WEEE directives when 50 year old drive units still have a value

Genuine NOS

Let's hope they never switch off analogue transmissions!

Ariston RD80SL, an early Scots full sus design in remarkable condition with the a Linn arm and Grace cartridge 
The wax cylinder, the first casualty in the format wars

Alchemist Forseti (£700) and Yamaha CX-1000 (POA), will we ever see so many switches again?

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