Audio How To: What To Buy? – How To Set It Up?

One of the biggest and arguably best problems right in home audio is that there are too many great manufacturers out there. It is mind boggling to know where to start.  Or even worse, what to buy now, that you can build around over time.

Here is a list of products that the AudioReview Editor’s feel are worth your time and careful consideration.  A list of great products from great manufacturers.

We will be adding more products over time, so make sure to check back.  If you think something should be on the list that isn’t, write it in the comments below.  Heck, write out what you think would be a perfect starting system.  Lets help the newbies out.

And just having the equipment isn’t enough, you must set it up correctly to get the most out of your gear.  Use our expanding how to guide to get the most from your system

Last Updated: 02.08.2011

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Monitor Audio RX6 ~ $1200
Floorstanding Speakers 

Monitor Audio RX6 are the latest model in an outstanding line of floorstanding speakers. Their predecessor, the RS6, had extremely favorable reviews in Stereophile, WhatHi-Fi and from AudioREVIEW users. The RX6 has a 5 of 5 from WhatHi-Fi and made the AudioREVIEW forums drool when the images were released. They are on my list of most recommended speakers for about $1000.


  • System Format: 2 1/2 Way
  • Frequency Response: 38Hz – 35kHz
  • Sensitivity ([email protected]): 90dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 40-125W
  • Bass Alignment: Dual Chamber, Bass reflex with differential tuning.
  • Drive Unit Complement: 1 x 6″ RST® Bass driver.
  • 1 x 6″ RST® Bass/Mid driver.
  • 1 x 1″ (25mm) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter
Other Recommend Floorstanding Speakers – Wharfedale Diamond 9.6, Paradigm Reference Monitor 7, Axiom Millennia M60 Ti, B&W 683, Magnepan Magneplanar MMG

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Magnepan Magneplanar 1.7 ~ $2000
Floorstanding Speakers 

Magneplanar 1.7 are the latest model in an outstanding line of floorstanding speakers. Their predecessor, the 1.6, had extremely favorable reviews. The 1.7 have done even better. With reviews now in from around the audio media world, these speakers are being paired with equipment 5 to 10 times their price. If you like the Maggie sound, of openness, cohesiveness, and detail, these maybe the last speakers you’ll ever buy.


Description 3-Way, Full-Range, Quasi-Ribbon
Freq. Resp. 40-24 kHz
Rec Power Read Frequently Asked Questions
Sensitivity 86dB/500Hz /2.83v
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 19 x 65 x 2
Other Recommend Floorstanding Speakers from Magnepan – Magnepan Magneplanar MMG ~ $600

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Zu Audio Omen ~ $1500
Floorstanding Speakers 

Zu Omen’s are loud, fun, and rocking. Plus they have devilishly good looks. Zu Audio is all about putting the fun back into HiFi at an affordable price. At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 Zu all over the place. Paired with a lot of different equipment their sound was bold and had a live’esk sound that reminded me of guitar amps.

Technical features

  • Efficiency: 98 dB 1W/1m
  • Impedance: 12 Ohm
  • Height: 36″ tall + footers
  • Footprint: 12″ square
  • Tube and solid-state friendly!
  • Cabinet: MDF with real maple skin
  • Manufactured in Ogden, Utah, USA
Other Recommend Zu Audio Speakers -Soul Superfly
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Salk Sound Song Tower w/Ribbon Tweeter~ $2700
Floorstanding Speakers 

Jim Salk has received a huge amount of positive fan fair for his great sounding and sometimes extremely well finished speakers. The Song Tower with the upgraded ribbon tweeter is certainly well worth its value. Plus when you order from Salk Sound you can work with Jim and his team to get just the settings you want. A bit laid back, or a bit more forward sound.The Song Towers offer an extremely transparent high end and a clear and detailed mid range. They produce sufficient bass to please, but can be paired with a sub if you are really looking for thump. They might even make the spouse happy if you get a sweet looking custom finish.

Technical features

  • Design – MTM 2-way Mass-loaded Quarter Wave Tube Transmission Line
  • Drivers – custom RAAL with the ribbon tweeter upgrade, (2) Seas ER15RLY midwoofers
  • Response – OW2 – 42Hz – 20KHz (+/- 3db)
  • RAAL – 42Hz – 60KHz (+/- 3db)
  • Sensitivity – (dB/2.83v/1M) 88db
  • Impedance 4 ohms minimum 6 ohms nominal
Other Recommend Salk Sound Speakers – SoundScape 12
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