Are you planning to throw away your old records because you think they’re beyond redemption? Use Chisto’s Easy Groove kit for LP record restoration

Sometimes we are unsure of what to do with older records that have been kept in poor conditions and have become almost unplayable. Chisto’s here to help you with LP record restoration. So if you wanted to know the true, unimpaired sound of old records, use the Easy Groove solutions for LP record restoration to make them sing again.

Old Glory: preserving history with LP record restoration

Preserving history is important. Without the context of seeing older things and comparing their qualities to the improvements we’ve already made in the present and will make in the future, we won’t be able to tell the way forward. Plus, items from the past often hold a sentimental value – they serve as a physical connection between us and days long gone, a window through time. Even if you don’t have any kind of memories from the particular time period those items belong to, they still evoke certain unique feelings and emotions.

This is especially true when we’re talking about old records. Music on its own is extremely good at evoking emotions, and hearing music from the 1940s or 50s for the first time is very interesting – it’s a time capsule; a message in a bottle, so to speak. That’s why just throwing old dusty records away is so reckless – even if you’re not going to listen to them, there’s a good chance someone else will! There are a lot of people online who collect all kinds of rarities, so at least give your records to someone who’s interested instead of throwing them out.

But let’s say you happen to own a couple or more records from 60-70 years ago and you also happen to be in the mood for a dive into the past. (Also, having something to play those records on is required.) Place the record, drop the needle and viola, here’s your time machine, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you think.

See, the problem with playing old records (or, honestly, vinyl records of any age) always comes down to their condition. Needless to say, records from half a century (or even more) ago will inevitably be in pretty bad shape – especially given that back then the technology of pressing records was still somewhat underdeveloped, leading to numerous imperfections of the produced vinyl discs (the quality of said vinyl was questionable, too). While these imperfections might not have revealed themselves right away, they definitely had a hand in the record’s deterioration over a long time period. Therefore, we need to learn about LP record restoration.

So what do we need to do to restore these records to playable (and preferably listenable) condition? Now that’s a whole another question. Just wiping the dust off the surface won’t do it – there’s still a lot of dust and dirt hidden in the microgrooves that has hardened over the years. Using strong chemicals typically present in most households or non-specialized cleaning products will inevitably harm the record (even brand new vinyl records are quite fragile, and the older records probably have been abandoned and forgotten for a few decades, making them extremely sensitive to any kind of chemical influence). Basically, LP record restoration requires special solutions, ones that were designed to deal with this problem.

So where can I find these special solutions for LP record restoration?

That’s the question we at Chisto have also asked ourselves at one point. We’ve found that, unfortunately, most solutions aren’t suited for LP record restoration; it doesn’t help that some audiophiles are notoriously distrustful and concoct their own DIY recipes and methods that can lead to all sorts of consequences for your records. After seeing that, we decided to try and make our own solution, consulting professionals in the chemical industry on how to make it absolutely safe for records of any age.

All that effort resulted in what we now call Easy Groove – a line of special products for LP record restoration, preservation and treatment. The chemical formula used in Easy Groove solutions is designed to clean the record completely, removing all foreign substances from the surface and the microgrooves. It also has antistatic and antibacterial properties, meaning that your records’ sound won’t suffer from static interference, and harmful bacteria will not reside in the depths of your record.

These solutions are very useful in LP record restoration and can be effectively applied to restore old vinyl and even shellac records back to their prime condition. We wanted audiophiles and casual music lovers from all over the globe to be able to enjoy the sound of days past without having to waste priceless time and effort on cleaning out their records using stuff they can’t trust. So use Chisto’s Easy Groove and immerse yourself in the past by taking full advantage of the time warp that your old records will provide!