Are you looking for an effective LP spray cleaner? Chisto has the answer for you – Easy Groove Spray&Wipe.

Many audiophiles make the mistake of spending too much time and effort on cleaning their collection of LPs. We suggest spending your time more wisely. A special LP spray cleaner that is effective and safe for your records is essential for preserving your time and energy that you waste on cleaning.

Time management for audiophiles: use simpler means for cleaning LPs

As audiophiles, we dedicate a lot of our time to music. For some, it is a hobby; for others, it’s a full-time job. Regardless of what side of the audiophillic spectrum you’re on, you probably own an decent archive a vinyl records, and you’ve probably had to throughly clean them on several occasions. If so, you are painfully aware of just how much time it takes to properly clean a single vinyl disc, let alone a whole stack of them. That being said, you’re also aware of the amount of fake solutions that offer quick and thorough cleaning, but turn out to be ineffective at best and unsafe and dangerous at worst.

While audiophiles are always picky with what they buy (to be fair, such suspiciousness is an unfortunate necessity in the audio industry), this approach tends to occasionally backfire. This applies tenfold to cleaning solutions for vinyl records. Any audiophile knows that the sound you hear from any LP depends on how clean it is, and thus cleaning records is a very crucial part of getting your records to sound just right. But here is what tends to happen: typically vinyl enthusiasts trust methods they’ve been using for years or even decades and dismiss newer approaches as “snake oil” or “DIY methods from amateurs”. Again, while those older methods of meticulously going through each record one by one may be effective (and some even consider this process relaxing), they do not possess one crucial quality: time-efficiency. This is where something akin to a vinyl album spray cleaner could be of use… but are those things even remotely effective?

This skepticism is sadly based on true observations: more often than not, an average vinyl album spray cleaner (or, at least, something that is advertised as that) is pretty much ineffective: while it may clean the surface area of a vinyl disc, it’s useless when it comes to deep cleaning – which is usually the core of the problem, as the grooves of an LP gather the biggest amount of dust and dirt. So, basically, we can safely assume that an LP spray cleaner is useless for cleaning vinyl records, right?

Using an LP spray cleaner – lifehack for audiophiles

Using the latest developments in the chemical industry, Chisto has developed a special LP spray cleaner that will save you hours that you can spend listening to records instead of cleaning them. This new solution is called “Spray&Wipe” and, well, it’s all in the name. Simply put, you spray the liquid onto the surface of a vinyl disc, and then you wipe using a microfiber cloth included with the LP spray cleaner. How is it effective? This has to do with our special chemical formula for this LP spray cleaner: it’s specifically balanced to be gentle and safe for the record, but also powerful enough to clean both the surface and the depths (grooves) of any vinyl record (not just vinyl, too – you can clean old shellac records). This way, our solution cleans the record entirely, while not causing any harm to it at the same time. As for time-efficiency – again, it’s all in the name: by simply performing the “spray&wipe” algorithm, you’ll spend far less time than you would if you were to thoroughly clean the record with any other solution.

If you use our LP spray cleaner, you have an audiophile-approved guarantee of time-efficiency. We revise our chemical formula every year to make sure its performance is always superb. Make the first step and get Spray&Wipe – and your vinyl archive will be clean with minimum time and effort spent.