A CD static killer that works – apply Disk Analoguer from Chisto for a significant improvement in sound.

Even though we entered the digital age long ago, many still consider digital audio to be inferior to seemingly outdated vinyl records. Why is that so and how can we fix it?

Whenever you feel your CDs don’t sound quite as good as they should, there is a solution: a CD static killer specifically targets the core of the problem.

The problem of CD audio quality

The CD was introduced in the early 80s, and since then it has completely taken over the music market. Only 10 years ago CDs accounted for 70% of all music sales. While these days an average consumer tends to use audio streaming services like iTunes and Spotify, a vast collection of CDs is generally present in most households.

Even though CDs seem more convenient than vinyl and shellac records of years past, many audiophiles still attempt to find a solution for improving CD quality. But why? Surely considering the advancements in technology, audio quality must’ve improved far beyond the age of vinyl, right? Well, if people whose life is so intimately intertwined with music say something’s not right, perhaps they have a point. And guess what? The laws of physics agree.

Why the sound of your CDs isn’t what you want it to be

Even a quick glance at the processes that happen when a CD is being played shows that it’s far more complicated than the interaction between a vinyl record and a turntable. There are far more factors at play, which in turn causes a lot of complications. Here’s the basic breakdown of what’s happening: the information on the CD (stored in binary) is read via a laser beam, it is then deciphered and converted into an analogue signal that is directed to speakers. However, as the disk spins, it generates a lot of heat, which leads to the generation of electrostatic fields. These fields get stronger as the spinning continues, and eventually they can interfere in the process of deciphering and conversion of digital data.

How does all of that affect the quality of audio? Well, since the process of interpreting digital data has been tampered with, that consequently messes with the conversion as well. Static introduces electrical vibration, vibration causes phase distortions and inversions. Thus, the analogue signal produced as a direct result of conversion is imperfect, to say the least. That signal is turned into sound emanating from your speakers. As you can imagine, what you’ll hear is definitely different from what you’re supposed to hear. Not only that, but significant sonic anomalies can absolutely ruin the experience of listening to music, as even the timing of pitches can be altered.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Well, since the anomalies and distortions are caused by electrostatic fields, it would therefore make sense that using a powerful CD static killer could substantially improve the end result. As static dissipates, the signal is allowed to come out far more clearly and unimpaired, resulting in obvious audio quality improvement.

This is where Disk Analoguer and Black Analoguer come into play. Both products have been designed specifically for this task. A special chemical formula is used to very quickly disperse static across the surface of the disk. Since such digital electronics are hypersensitive to any kind of influence, Chisto made sure that it is completely safe in addition to getting the job done. Although a single application of our CD static killer is enough for immediate effect, it is recommended to do it from time to time to make sure the signal always comes out as clean as possible. Also, if you are a movie aficionado, digital video tends to suffer from the same problems as digital audio (similar technology leads to identical problems), which leads to dimmed and bleak color pallets. Thankfully, DVD static elimination in this case leads to video quality improvement, producing a richer color and better contrast than before. This means that in addition to being a great CD static killer, the Analoguer can be effectively applied to DVDs just as well.

To us, enjoying a favorite tune or watching a great movie is an activity that should never be spoiled by the technicalities and complications of your gear interacting with the disk it’s playing. This is why we value the effectiveness of our CD static killer so much – any small upgrade will undoubtedly embellish and augment the joy you’ll feel upon hearing the music come out of the speakers without any weird artifacts or distortions, or seeing a film in full color for the first time (as it was meant to be). So if you’re looking for better CD sound or better DVD quality, Chisto has got you covered with Analoguers – products that have received critical acclaim from renowned gear specialists and audiophiles from all corners of the world.